You found a home or investment property you like, but works needs to be done and the seller has agreed to make repairs. Here’s some tips to make sure you are covered in case anything goes wrong during the completion and after you’ve moved in.

  1. Ensure you have a confirmed list of the items being repaired. For instance if the seller will install a new furnace then you should write it down as an item being replaced by seller.
  2. Your lawyers should be involved every step of the way. So as items are being repaired or replaced make sure you keep in contact with your attorney for any follow-up questions or concerns you might have. They will have direct communication with the seller and their attorney so that things are resolved quickly.
  3. Always ask for receipts or copy of invoices. This should be provided automatically if your attorney has already requested this on your behalf. If not, then go ahead and ask. Make sure the invoice spells out the work that was done, charge for labor, date work was performed, company name and the contact information.
  4. Make sure you receive copies of any manuals to understand how to operate or fix new appliances
  5. Lastly, you need to have your inspector return to the home to ensure the work was completed to your satisfactory and meets code. Make sure you visibly see what was completed. Or if needed a tutorial on how to operate. This came in handy for me.

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