Shake It Off Workwear: #8 Tips to Conceal Weight Gain –

When you’ve added a few pounds you tend to go into a slump because nothing fits right and you’re not motivated to continue dressing with your best foot forward. I’m here to tell you I have found these 8 tips, unknowingly used all the time by myself actually provides some help.

I personally start to wear a lot of dresses because I know my pants will be tight or like a few times before I couldn’t button the pants at my waist, but here’s what you can do.

Tip #1

Wear Boots or Heels: To direct people’s eye focus immediately up or down because of height extension and length of footwear covering legs.

Tip #2

Wear Blazers: Everything is tucked underneath and inside hiding any gain in the arms.

Tip #3

Wear Sweaters: Sweaters are my best friend – there’s a lot you can do with this fun garment – hide the width of arms, add volume to your shape so you can’t detect your real size.

Tip #4

Wear Belts: I love wearing belts because simply since I wear mine a bit tight I don’t eat a much and it’s a nice simple accessory to have in the middle to add to the distraction.

Tip #5

Tip #5. Wear Dresses/Skirts: Their flowy and easy to wear until you adjust your weight. Your leg will be exposed and it will force you to wear heels which means is drawing the attention to the legs first or above the neck.

Tip #6

Wear Stretch Pants: Similar to my colorful workwear outfit with pink top and brown boots – you want to try and find stretchy, polyester or cotton pants to wear because its less constricting.

Tip #7

Wear Neckline Jewelry: Keep the focus at the neck and above. Wearing anything longer jut draws people to the middle section if you are like me and gain weight there.

Tip #8

Tip #8. Have a Nice HairStyle: People always look for the nicer part of someone first. So if your hair isn’t done it may unintentionally force them to look elsewhere – easily exposing the weight or if you all gain weight in the face it becomes more noticeable. I know during my bad hair days I have the issue

Don’t Stop here – there’s always more tips to read under the Fashion section. Add a comment if you have any tips of your own.

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