Movie Review – Level 16

If you ever heard of Level 16 it’s quite weird. I usually can solve a movie pretty quickly. I came close but not quite.

It’s a strange and mysterious thriller so to speak that left me wondering where does the imagination generate from for many film producers.

There’s a group of kids maybe 15 and above who are told to recite rules they must follow. If the rules aren’t followed they are deemed unclean and will be punished by being skinned.

It appears as if it’s an all girls boarding school. A tightly secured building with no access to the outside world. They sleep in the same room on separate twin sized beds and are only allowed to be awake for 5 hours each day. During that time they must take “vitamins” and rub their skin of some type of cream and take any vaccine shots when instructed.

One girl realized this companies intention and stopped taking her vitamins and convinced another girl to do the same, leading to a rather drawn out attempt to escape.

In the end, the girls were created to provide aging women with the chance to select a girl with great skin that would replace theirs from the damage by the sun. The 2 girls who were the only ones daring to rebel helped all other girls escape while killing the team that were the mastermind and financial benefactors of this operation.

This movie wa actually more engaging than some other movies I watched. I recommend seeing it because it’s really good at keeping you on your toes and guessing how this movie will end.

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