Three Key Traits of an Agent: Personality, Knowledge, and Sale Ability

I’m not an agent but certainly a vested property investor/owner.

So I think innately speaking I may know what to say or what to do, not saying all would be correct but so far it has.

From the experience I have I realize to be successful you really need three traits because with many of the task that an agent would perform it falls into these categories: personality, knowledge, and sales.


The ability to connect with your clients or potential buyers is an important factor. Because at the end of the day clients want to work with someone who appears honest and cares about their needs. I have come across those who appear unfriendly and less cheerful, uncomfortable body language, and that if they found a crappy box – they would want me to live in it so they can make a sale, lol.

How you greet your clients and explain things to them really goes a long way. But if you can’t build trust how do you expect to have clients. Not all clients are the same and therefore should be treated individually. Ask them personal questions – get to know them. At the end of the day aren’t you more likely to donate or help someone you know who might have went to the same high school as you? OF COURSE! So anyone is going to be more willing to work with someone they have created some connection or bond. And even if you don’t have anything in common that is not the goal.

The goal is to really find out as much as you can about your client to make them happy and close the sale. For instance, how soon are they looking to move.


I can’t stress this enough. You have to know more than your client otherwise you’ll begin wondering why they aren’t communicating with you.

I think having a client that asks you questions are a good thing because it shows they look to you to be the expert, the person who knows all the reasons for certain situations.

Here’s the thing: there’s a ton of websites out there like Realtor, Redfin, and Zillow and they all give additional detail that is slightly different from the other. Like the rental charge history, the amount the taxes have increased by or whether or not a tenant pays all utilities. And of course agent have access to other websites for property information.

Your knowledge is what sets you apart. Knowing the area of certain neighborhoods, your ability to research and know the real estate market conditions can be a great advantage depending on the type of client you have: buyer, seller or renter.

How you hand hold your client throughout the process is another factor. Something as simple as offering booties with a sign telling visitors to wear them before entering to prevent carpet stains is a huge plus that not many think about.

You want to be the extended eyes and ears for your client.


Your ability to sell is king! How you describe features of a home to fit the needs of a client can be a leading factor in whether they decide to go with the property. Sometimes a client can’t visualize themselves in a place or don’t understand how their furniture can accommodate the space of the property. But being quick on your feet to respond to those concerns is crucial.

Understanding the features of the listing before you see the property or taking a walk before your client shows up to view it themselves that way you can determine the layout and whether or not it will hit some of the marks of what your client is looking for. And any questions you might have you will have a better time answering.

And if there is ever a time you don’t know the answer to a question, I suggest saying “Great question, I’m unsure about the answer but I will get in touch with the owner and respond to you right away.”

At the end of the showing ask for feedback or if there are any other questions they have so that you appear understanding, and helpful.

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