Wanda Sykes: Not Normal Comedy Special

Who doesn’t love Wanda Sykes, she is hilarious. Well, during an evening of movie surfing on Netflix I saw a trailer for her stand-up when she made the comment about President Trump having toilet paper stuck to his shoes. I thought, hmmm and I didn’t hear of this I need to watch her show to hear more.

I was laughing quite often throughout her set.

Whoever you support I felt she stayed light and more on the sarcastic humor side.

Now as I mentioned – never recalled of this happening to Trump so I did hunt for the video and here it is.

Now his aides described it as a small squarish/moist wet piece of paper. Yet it still sounds like tissue to me.

I agree with her that any stranger would prevent you from being embarrassed by this. And so the rest of her set has these similar punch lines across topics that are great to hear her talk through from politics and her bi-racial children.

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