You Got Your Real Estate License – Now What?

The worst to have happen is to spend all that money and effort studying for the acceptance and certification to sell homes and you don’t have a single client.

So what are some things you think you can do to spark an uptick in client traffic? Here’s a few to consider:

  1. Everyone you interact with: friends, family, co-workers, weekend buddies, health physicians you regularly see – it’s time to promote yourself and ask if they know of anyone who is looking to rent or buy or sell a home.
  2. Local magazine and mail clippings I now enjoy receiving because it can give you insight on what is going on in the area. What fresh faces or businesses are promoting themselves and how – so that, you can either connect with them or model after them.
  3. Not everyone who looks for a home has an agent. And in fact sometimes they might peruse the website, see a listings they like and then put a request to view. This is the time to ask questions like their deadline to move out or move in, home requirements. That way if you have a mental stock of all the properties available in the database you can quickly sell them on working with you because you have knowledge that they yet don’t have.
  4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate to receive new clients. Not all clients are happy just because they are being represented by an agent already. So checkout how long listings have been on the market, approach them with an already strategy on how you can help them get theirs sold faster.

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