Career Talk: Terrible Wig Wearing at Work!

I know that the wig industry is a huge industry and people wear them for different reasons.

But my innocent reason for wearing one turned into nothing but fuss, hassle and the constant irritable regret because I just couldn’t seem to wear it correctly.

Whether it was working downtown Chicago – walking to the office or heading into meetings my wig would shift causing the constant need to pull and readjust.

Certainly no one’s head or hair does that constantly throughout the day.

Yes, I was given some practice or training but no-one in my family are really experts. So with that said I became the “test dummy”. A mere deer thrown out to the wolves, but in this case it was thrown to mother nature offering wind, rain, snow and heat to trample my hair however it pleased.

I don’t wear them anymore ever since I found a role in the suburbs that allows me to drive to work instead. If I did find myself back downtown again I now know I can purchase an umbrella I have seen that provides coverage down to the chest.

With the every no and again peek of real hair exposing underneath or on the side while under the wig people can pot my wig ever so clearly.

So maybe if you do have the choice I recommend keeping it simple with your own hair or just get extra practice.

For the actual video on my experience click here.

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