Questioning Your Performance Raise: How to Approach Manager

I received a question asking how to approach your manager about performance raise. Here are 3 tips tips to consider.

Tip #1

As a woman let me be clear – ask for what you want and don’t back down. I say that as a prelude to the raise discussion because that’s what I’ve done ever since I began working with bigger fortune 100 companies. I asked for not only what I wanted but asked for what I thought I couldn’t get to see if i could. Some times I struck gold.

Tip #2

Needless to say I think it’s more advantageous when discussing your performance review to find out why you received that number?

And if you don’t agree with the response it’s important to defend yourself because I alway tell myself no one will have your back like you would your own. So be prepared when asking why to already have a list of reasons of why you feel you deserved better with examples of things you did that your manager may have overlooked.

Tip #3

Next, provide an action plan on how you will improve. It’s alway better to drive the discussion and have thought about the things you are willing and interested in doing to improve then leaving the decision up to you manager and you may not like the options provided. By presenting those options, you receive their opinion and agreement that following those items can in turn provide a better raise performance.

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