Workwear: Huge $500 Savings – My Gucci Haul Shopping Experience

Honestly, I always thought Gucci’s designs and clothes were ridiculous, let alone uber expensive. For certain things like wine it’s an acquired taste but in this case it might be more like an acquired distaste.

Regardless – when I noticed that the brand changed designers and so many young people were wearing and raving about it – I decided to give it a try!

And with an open mind and perfect timing for additional savings, I found and fell in love with my purchases. 1 for workwear and the other for after work!

Mastering the Skill Of Being A People Watcher

Master the skill of 👀 people watching. 
By simply saying nothing and listen to what others have to say, you’ll learn more about them because they will be more inclined to speak more to make up for your lack in participation. 
1. They’re personality style
2. Their emotional opinion about their work
3. Body language when others speak or mention a certain topic or point
4. Personal life
5. Protocol for decision-making

These are all key areas to identify and allows you to sharpen your ability to analyze in order to make an effective contribution and identify key stakeholders to speak to.

Sink or Swim: First Day on the Job

Congrats to landing a great role! Now it’s time to make sure your first-day impression is a lasting one. Watch 4 helpful tips to ensure you swim.

Since training and orientation are limited these days, some believe it or not no matter what age don’t know the protocol or how critical the first day is.

From being enthusiastic and ready to roll up your sleeve, there’s a lot of expectation on most professionals now, and because there is, you have a limited window to win people over and prove your worth.

Preparing for First Day on the Job

In your career, maintaining a good impression from the time of interviewing to starting your first day is crucial because it reminds them of the good decision they made to hire you.

I have shared 4 tips that are key to putting your best foot forward:

#1 Wear flats or Pumps

Often you are given a tour and depending on size of campus you may be required to put in a lot of walking time.

#2 Wear a blazer

Making a good impression matters, especially when meeting individuals of varied roles and backgrounds or even senior leadership.

#3 Wear cotton blouse

Staying swat-free is key, the last thing you want is to have a sweat stain at the wrong time on your first day.

#4 Wear little to no jewelry

You never know what they’ll have you doing on the first day, so avoid the worry of messing up your jewelry if you have to life boxes for a number of reasons.

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Snoozer with A 22% Rating at Best – Movie Review: Landing Lake

The online reviews gave this movie a 66% but it was more like a 22% – 222-22-22.

Now if you live elsewhere you might read that as WHAT?

But its sort of an inside joke because in Chicago we have a lawyer who frequently airs his commercial and his tagline is Glen something is the lawyer for you – call 222-22-22.

Anyway – movie wasn’t that great – just finished in fact. Very low budget.

Why did I get such a small, practically unknown movie? Well, some times they tend to be really good hidden finds and others time not so much. Plus when all the bigger budget movies are not that great either – you have no choice but to work your selection downward.

BrittanyKnows Update: Having Mentors

It is certainly not easy being an entrepreneur – no matter what it entails.

I’ve been quite busy these days trying to create a backlog of content and videos and improving the look and content of my video posts.

What works, what doesn’t resonate with the audience. At the same time – also attempting to revamp my website which is why it says under construction if you have been to the home page.

What else can I say? Luckily I have 2 mentors. Hopefully meeting them again in the next few days can help me centralize my focus and plan. So far they have been raising questions or situations I hadn’t thought about yet. Next up is to set deadlines for when to continue a certain path or idea or cut it completely.

Bumper Cars on the Chicago River to See Fireworks: Kayaking with Boat Flippers on the 4th

Our day actually started out with attending the ribfest in uptown. Very small festival by the way. If we had known maybe we would have opted out of breaking our necks to find a decent park just to only last there for maybe 20 minutes at most.

We went through security and had to pay a $5 donation.

But there were only 2 venues offering ribs – both advertising that they were the best. One was local and the other venue was from Texas.

We decided to wait in line at both venues separately to sample both dishes.

Not sure why our ribs didn’t come with BBQ sauce slathered on the meat. If we had known we both would have pumped a lot harder to add BBQ sauce to our meal from the pump dispenser.

It was hot and we could barely find a place to sit and eat but luckily we did.

We both agreed my ribs were pretty tasty and we got up and left.

A night of kayaking along the Chicago River was an amazing experience. The water is not the safest but 2 people managed to flip their kayak and themselves into the water….how gross. Getting sick from the water was enough motivation to keep me from flipping over.

It seemed like the entire city wanted to kayak that night, it was extremely busy and at times felt like bumping cars on the lake because people kept running into one another. Everyone is of a different skill level with kayaking in our group: first-timers, experienced and somewhat familiar.

Maybe if we had known this too we would have opted to do something different for the firework celebration.

Camping Trip: Returned to Michigan – Kayaking Union Bay

I must say, I was praying my hair would hold up to take some good pictures. Luckily I managed to squeeze a few in.

So here we are on the road again – a 6 hour drive up north and the weather did not disappoint. In fact, we experienced 70 degree weather on the water and 80 degrees on land.

The highlight was the two pictures listed below, the sky view. Even clearer and beautiful in person. At one point everything looked white with a touch of pink hues. It was hard to pack up and return to our tent at the end of the day.

We hoped to take next day to kayak but we were rained out and left early to drive back home.

Another touching note was that we heard bullfrogs and a bird all singing a medley in sync with the lightning bugs flickering their lights. It was the most coolest thing to witness at midnight while also getting a clear view of the milky way just the night before heading back home.

I hope we can make our way up again before the summer ends!

Keys Locked in Car While at Home!!

Well, yes that’s me creating a meme of myself because when I hurriedly plopped my handbag on the passenger seat and quickly closed the door I heard the car door lock because the key must have gotten bumped.

So – what did I do…? Yes, I, like most people at night who are hungry, take a walk to the refrigerator and keep reopening until some new magical yet tasty food item will appear for you to devour.

I went around all 4 doors and pulled the door handle, but no they are actually locked from the outside too, lol.

Then I pressed my face against the glass – gazing at my purse hoping I could beam a signal to be saved from this embarrassment.

But no I went back in the house and had to call my nearest family member to bail me out by bringing the extra set of keys.


Adding a Little Gray Makes the Sunshine Stay: Repainting to Transform My Condo

What have I been up to? Well, a lot I might add! And they’ll be a number of articles explaining such so hold tight.

After a few grueling months – I learned a lot, and did a lot and transformed my condo. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect when it comes to real estate and what potential tenants in the market are looking for. But I was lucky to have met a resource to fix another unexpected issue. And with their guidance, I had the entire place painted in a light grey tone to make the fireplace brick wall stand out.

It was much needed. But with so many colors that had been applied to the walls by the previous owners, I couldn’t get a visual on how repainting could transform the entire home.

Well, in case you want to see, just click the link above for the tour.

New carpet, laundry unit flooring, new toilets and vanity AND good tenants. Thing couldn’t be better 🙂

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