Movie Review: Runaway Bride-esque “Isn’t it Romantic”!

This movie was quite funny. Although lately, I think it has become a little tough to top some of the funnier Rom-Com’s from the 90’s, but this was slightly different.

So the scene started off with Rebel being a little girl enjoying romantic comedy movies. And the movie she was watching which is my favorite too, Pretty Woman.

I mean don’t you just love that song and movie too? Well, I was the only one in the room grooving to it, lol.

Millennial’s Cash Strapped: The Dilemma of Renting vs Owning

I’m hearing a number of people can’t afford a down payment for a home – specifically millennial’s. And it’s heartbreaking to hear how much debt current generations are in compared to older generations. I was there once, in fact I never thought I would be able to own a home.

And I get it – you wonder well what to do. I think there’s two ways to look at it.

Movie Review: Fighting with Family


This was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but in a good way.

First off, two siblings, brother and sister grew up in a wrestling family, the WWE kind. The parents were not famous but they were avid partakers in the sport. So much so, they started their own small wresting company locally in Norwich, England.

It was both the siblings dream, especially the brother to be a professional wrestler for WWE. Unfortunately, during a try out, his kind intention to ensure his sister looked great while he took some of the hits left him with a rejection and his dreams shattered.

He tried endlessly to resubmit tapes in hopes to be considered until he was given a final no. All while he had a new born and girlfriend he was barely paying attention to.

His sister was of course sad he didn’t get picked and in fact felt challenged with continuing in the training program she left and returned home. But with the advice of her brother and parents she returned to the training program and beat out everyone to be the youngest champion.

The whole time we were rooting for her to win, make her family proud and most of all for her brother to get out of his slump.

In the end they all did and they were all happy for the sister/daughter to do well. In fact they were making handmade dolls and posters to sell locally. of her to raise income.

This is based on a true story. Well worth the watch if you haven’t. There were some funny moments but mainly a movie about an underdog coming out on top.

Gummies to Aid My Daily Health Routine for 30 Days

I kind of enjoy the whole unboxing experience when you receive shipment in the mail.

But this delivery was from @tamijames_who is a great life coach helping me get re-centered and focus on my exercise during this 30 day challenge. She is also my former coworker ha!

She actually sent me a goodie package ahead of the vitamin gummies I was expecting to receive.

On top of that within the 0 day challenge are a set of guiding task to follow, like not eating dairy and meditating.

I think I have narrowed down what I will do and one of them is meditating. It has been so helpful for me because I used to do it but now I am trying to make it an important activity before work each day.

Movie Review: John Wick Chapter 3

Did you see John Wick? I feel like it strayed a tad from it original direction. I mean Keanu ended up stranded in a desert passed out for crying out loud.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to think of this movie.

I like this movie series, in fact I recall we saw the first two as a rental and thought it was funny and really good. This time we saw it at the movie theater, some movies make a difference with how you see it and I don’t know it was almost a snoozer.

It took so many bullets to kill each enemy; not a ton of lines being spoken and it was all just non-stop action fighting.

On one hand that was good but I wanted to hear more from Keanu. We realized after the fact we should have rewatched the first 2 movies to better understand what was to take place in the 3rd installment.

It’s fun to look forward to a series or movie you have been longing for, I just wouldn’t give this movie the A rating it has now.

Minimizing Indoor Fumes From New Carpet Installation

So here’s a tip I didn’t know before – apparently when you install new carpet you should be away from the premises for two days because there’s a buildup of toxic¬†volatile organic compounds, according to this article, although the insurance adjuster who came by said it was formaldehyde, but according to the site and others it’s not.

Regardless it does let off fumes that could sightly be harmful, thankfully he noticed because I sometimes can’t smell that way unless it’s good food, ha.

So just open a screen door or window to air things out and you should be fine in a couple of days.

By the way I was left with left over carpeting and at first I thought why didn’t the guy just throw it away, what will I do with it. Then I thought oh no if something ever happens at least I have it to replace it. And now I learn I need to throw it away because you need someone to sew the carpets together once it has been cut so it has a seamless look. Well I don’t know anyone who does that. Garbage pick-up here I come.

Checklist: Things to Remember If you have any leak

Keep this handy so if you ever run into a leak issue of some kind and the damage is out of your control or ability to cover, here’s what you should consider:

#1 Turn the water valve off

It’s a good idea to know where this is located ahead of time. Turn the main water source off and the water directly under the toilet from out of the wall. That way there is no chance fo the leak to continue.

# 2 Keep evidence of replaced pipes onsite

You worked hard to find a plumber so the last thing you want to do is be in a rush to clear out the trash and throw the evidence away. So keep it until the insurance adjuster shows up so they can properly inspect and determine cause and your clearance of cause.

#3 File a claim immediately in order to have an insurance adjuster inspect

You will want to call your insurance so a claim can be filed and have a representative assigned to you. The sooner you do this the quicker the repair process will become completed. Once you are informed of an insurance adjuster being assigned to you they will give you a call to schedule time to come out. You will want to explain to them what happened, and provide them with pictures of receipts and the repair work completed.

#4 If living in condo contact HOA

If you live in a condo or own a condo or complex where there are other units in the same building inform your property manager/HOA immediately. Because depending on if you own you will need to provide the with the claim number, your insurance contact information and any direct email and phone number of your claim representative.

Certainly if you don’t own you will just need to contact your owner.

#5 Make sure any bylaws and certificate of insurance is provided to your insurance company

If you live in a condo you will need to provide bylaws so they can understand what your HPA is responsible for. Otherwise if this is a place you own outright you shouldn’t need to provide this – your own insurance will know what is covered or not based on your monthly or yearly premium.

#6 Call Service Master/ServePro to schedule water mitigation

This just means you need to have someone call out to dry out your drywall if the water reached the wall and caused moisture along the wall.

#7 Find a contractor to install and paint new drywall

You would think service master could do both water mitigation and the repair work but not exactly, at least it needs to be scheduled separately. And you aren’t required to use them either but for me it just make things quicker since they will already know the issue. What this step means is they will dry out the location with moisture with humidifiers. See my other article on what they look like.

#8 Have plumber re-install toilet and you’re done.

Toilets Aged Faster: Blue Tablet Bowl Cleaners Damages Toilet

Well, who knew a toilet bowl cleaner – you know the blue disc shaped kind can do more harm than good?

Well, when my plumber stopped by to inspect my water leak from the toilet he mentioned that using the blue toilet cleaner actually ages your toilet and erodes the plastic parts inside. You can also find more details here.

This is a short article because I advise anyone who might be using the same product I have used for so many years you may want to consider switching to save your toilet and extend the life and age.

White chlorox would be the preferred ones to use although I feel like not using that either. But hey at least now you know.

Aged Toilet & Open Pipe Cause Leak

And out of nowhere I experienced another leak but this time in the bathroom. It’s so weird because it happened while someone stopped by to view the condo and no one ever told me until I was informed by a neighbor that they had leakage in their bathroom ceiling.

So the nice thing is I know exactly what to do. Shut the water off, lol.

Called a plumber over immediately and began the cat and mouse game of calling insurance and awaiting for service master and that whole process to get complete.

So how did it happen? A leak from a small hole over time grew behind the wall.

I wish there was a way to better detect these things that might happen before you buy a place but you can’t without knocking a wall down.

The nice thing is I should get a newer toilet because apparently the one I have was old and needed to be replaced.

A Venetian Night Full of Sweat & Callus Hands from A Gas Push Mower

OMG it took forever and of course you know which onlookers came out to observe. My Nosey Neighbors!!! Not once, not twice, not even three times BUT FOUR times guys!!

It was urgent alright and a freaking emergency in the words of foreigner!

I went out of town to visit my grandma and the grass reached so tall it was embarrassing to come back home to it.

I remember before I left my nosey neighbor said “You should hire a lawn service.” I said, no I actually want to cut the grass and have done it before – why spend the extra money.