Pt. 2 Follow-up: Did U Receive a Raise But Didn’t Like What U Received?

Duhn Duhn Duhnnnn…..I had my meeting with my boss and it went well and the conversation was brief. He informed me of something I did not know which is, when you’re at a certain payscale within your job level or grade level you reach a max of what you can receive as a raise. In my case, the percentage I received had no reflection on my actual performance but rather the higher you are on the PayScale of your job level, the less you are able to receive before you need to receive a promotion to bump to the next level. So my next challenge is spending the rest of this year working to receive a promotion.

This is the first time I’ve ever taken my goals seriously. But I plan to start tracking my tasks and the various initiatives I plan to complete/spearhead to provide supporting argument for my next performance review. Wish me Luck!

Coral & Black Fashion Color Pairing for Winter Work Wear

#fashion #womenworkwear #brightcolors

Brands worn in video: Ann Taylor Coral Blouse and BCBGMaxAzria jacket and pants suit

Cough Attack: Lemon & Tea Remedy

Since last week after my pipes burst I’ve been having the craziest coughs, sometimes non-stop back to back coughs. I’ve never had this before ever. My mom finally had to make me some tea with lemon and coincidentally it has been calming the coughs. Hopefully this is a sign of a recovery coming my way soon.

Hot Tea with Lemon in Red Cup to Stop Coughs
Curing Cold with Tea and Lemon

Read how I got the cough in the first place – how to avoid pipe leaks.