You’re Fired: Ending an Agent Relationship Turned Tense

Thursday I had to make a tough decision with letting someone go that I worked with for 2 years. But it was for the best. On a small scale this was simply ending a business relationship. Sometimes I’m not sure when to go with my gut or head. It was definitely facts that resolved my uncertainty. No matter what, whether career or business we all have to make tough choices.

Trust and a shared goal is key and without that you can’t progress.

Launching Step to Your Next Career

Now, this look I absolutely love because it’s a reminder that you have to show up willing to look the part to occupy your dream job.

In case you hadn’t seen the post – here’s 3 style options to wear to an interview.

If you were to live in clutter it has a natural effect to hamper your ability to think and focus. But when your space is clear and clean much like your appearance it does wonder to your overall attitude and character.

So, if you are headed to a meeting or interview where the need to impress is a must, lighten up and dress your best. And remember the moment you walk out the door is your next step to a career changing moment.

Netflix Movie Review: Annoyed Kind of Night – The Silence

Can you guess my mood by looking at this photo?

Well, if not here’s an idea – ANNOYED. I watched The Silence on Netflix. Thought it might be good because I am familiar with Stanley Tucci from other roles.

I don’t really think it was. I feel like there were things missing from the story especially the ending. I must admit like most movies we had to watch over 2 days because the movie seemed longer than it needed to be and we were ready for bed.

Workwear Fashion: Raining? No Problem – Casual Style for a Rainy Day!

#ragandbone #sweater #bcbg

Although the weather has been quite warm and pleasant in the south, it appears back home in Chicago it is not.

With that said, on cold and rainy days I love having go-to options for casual wear that keeps me warm and comfortable while still making a fashion statement.

My look with a messy bun is wearing Rag and Bone sweater with BCBG leggings and fur trim boots bought from Carsons.

Book Review: The Pay Off Can Take Years, But Great Dreams Require Hard-work & Constant Nourishment

I believe in following your passion, heck that is what I am doing. It doesn’t come easy, certainly never does for me.

But what is even more inspiring is hearing Jeff Kinney’s story, the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

He loved drawing and wanted to ultimately have his character published. And every time he would take on other jobs or careers they only became a distraction for his true calling.

De-stressing My Way to Mississippi: Peace, livestock and a Calming Mind

Took a trip down to the south because I need to de-stress with all the changes I am looking to make. And of course, as impatient as I am it’s not happening fast enough.

By now I should be a few pounds lighter but I am struggling to find an alternative stress outlet than ice cream.

So, here I am, in Mississippi and you guessed it, I made sure to buy a pack of ice cream bars. But at least I know being down here with my grandmother will keep me extremely busy.

BrittanyKnows Real Estate: Things to Know vs What Your Agent Should Ask For You

Someone who is searching for a rental, there’s things you should know that can be asked of the owner vs what real estate agents can offer or ask up front.

Rentor Seeking Places to Stay – What to Ask

  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate
    • All owners have their reason for setting a certain price because believe it or not there are cost involved in the maintenance and upkeep of a home. depending on how much they paid or any maintenance costs like the cost of city stickers, garbage pick up etc all factors in.
  • If you see something odd, inquire about it
    • I know there are some landlords that may not care and then there are those who do especially when they care about the property value. So if you see something broken or not working it’s best to bring that up. Believe it or not the landlord may not know or be aware especially if they don’t live there.
  • Make sure you study the MLS listing, it’s there for a reason and not just for looks, ha!
    • The point is you want to know if the school district matches where your child may currently be attending so it save you a trip
    • Understand the measurements, I’ve had people tell me they couldn’t rent due to the size of their furniture, which is a good observation. So knowing any measurements and comparing against what is listed, which those measurements are highly likely to be accurate are not ones to be taken lightly if you plan on moving with furniture.

Rental Real Estate Agents – What to Provide

  • Have applications available onsite
    • I know I don’t like sitting around waiting and wondering if a successful connection will allow an email to come through to my phone to receive a rental application. Why not have it now in my hand? That way it reinforces the intent to rent and helps drive the decision to complete an application
  • Are there family accommodations?
    • This is only important because some who have families like to offer their children a space to run around and play but if the place you are viewing doesn’t offer that, well, seems like a wasted trip right? Knowing as much information up front about those children accommodations is information the agent should receive for you that way the owner can provide any helpful information to the renter before the showing.
  • Be Aware of Any Updates/Outstanding Repairs
    • I say this because your agent should be in constant communication with the owner or the owners agent. So if you see the condition of a home, ask when it will be complete. Sometime there are home that are move-in ready despite the condition not being to your liking while others are planning to make updates but want an early showing during the middle of the work progress. Regardless, always ask your agent because either they can tell you the timing or reach out and get the answer.

BrittanyKnows Workwear: Old Hollywood Glam Meets Street

With all that is going on I was inspired by Mary Mary’s song, Go Get Your Blessing. Very energetic mind you. You might want to checkout my dance piece before I mention the style choice for workwear here.

All I could think about was moving and shaking before I went to work.

And best of all when I purchased this I tried the top on with these leather pants I owned much earlier so it was a glamorous mistake because who would think to pair this attire together.

It’s a Friday Workday – Ugh Isn’t this a Holiday Weekend?

Now I am kidding about this one although my grandma called and said, Hey are you guys coming to visit for the holiday…I said, grandma I don’t have Friday off, lol.

Well, here it is Friday. All I can think about is the weekend and how nice it is and I wish I could just hang around outside enjoying the weather instead of being stuck indoors at work.

BrittanyKnows Career: My Work Mug Shot

There’s good and bad days at work.

But when you can have fun and enjoy laughter with more than just yourself it is a good feeling and sometimes needs recognition.

We turned a bit of a friction about a project into something lighthearted, hence my mugshot.