Adding a Little Gray Makes the Sunshine Stay: Repainting to Transform My Condo

What have I been up to? Well, a lot I might add! And they’ll be a number of articles explaining such so hold tight.

After a few grueling months – I learned a lot, and did a lot and transformed my condo. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect when it comes to real estate and what potential tenants in the market are looking for. But I was lucky to have met a resource to fix another unexpected issue. And with their guidance, I had the entire place painted in a light grey tone to make the fireplace brick wall stand out.

It was much needed. But with so many colors that had been applied to the walls by the previous owners, I couldn’t get a visual on how repainting could transform the entire home.

Well, in case you want to see, just click the link above for the tour.

New carpet, laundry unit flooring, new toilets and vanity AND good tenants. Thing couldn’t be better 🙂

Never Giving Up On Yourself Even When Others Have Given Up ON YOU! Finding my way to getting Published :-)

Finding your path is not alway easy. In fact I was a stellar performer in Jr. High and through High School. Hard work is an understatement for getting in the National Honor Society, taking AP classes while being active on tennises and track and graduating at the top of my class.

You don’t want to know how the rest of this story went – but you should be curious enough to find out by clicking the above video link to hear the rest and be inspired!

I Feel Good Workwear OOTD

🎼 Hey Everyone! Are you feelin’ good? I feel good, so good! Today’s video is a little rhythmic OOTD.🎙 Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, and turn the bell notifications on for more updates on when I post! Happy Hump Day! 😋


Mid 90s Movie Done Right By Jonah Hill

The guy at Family Video said this movie was not good and that Jonah Hill is not a good director and this was his first movie attempting to do so.

But normally our opinion is always of the opposite so I figured I would rent it because it should be good.

Movie called Mid 90s and it took me back to the days except I wasn’t a skateboarder.

A young boy who looked to be the age of 10 to 13 had the crappiest older brother who would beat him for going into his room, manipulate him into stealing money from their mom.

The mom wasn’t much better because different guys visited the home. And sure she was looking for happiness but it didn’t help with the family image in the home.

Since the older brother would beat his younger brother, the younger brother found street guys that seemed cool because they skateboard.

They drank, smoked and cursed. The mom didn’t like the influence but being around them made this younger kid stronger, build confidence and become tough. Eventually even standing up to his own brother.

All the kids had different backgrounds: broken home, family pressure to excel, witnessed a close siblings death, and one had it appears only a fourth grade education or spoke like it despite being a a young adult.

This movie is slightly a tear jerker. Follows the main character, the young boy with an abusive brother, his journey in finding his way, fitting in and experiencing different situations he would have never had the exposure too.

I think we all go through that and even though it showed a struggle, a breakdown in their tight knit relationship in the end they all only had each other and I thought this movie was done very well.

Quote of the day: DON’T STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

Ever thought about not going after your career goals? 🙋🏾‍♀️When it comes to your career you can’t stop what you’re doing. In fact, I had many people tell me I couldn’t accomplish certain things just for me to go out and accomplish it anyway. 🌸😋Take for an example when you swipe right you probably thought what is this image? Well I wasn’t a strong writer and even worse I wanted to work in Public Relations after college. 📇

Well I knew I needed to improve on this skill and then I had the thought that maybe I should become a freelance writer back when i just graduated. I built essentially a spreadsheet of all the editors and contacts at various publications asking if I could contribute. A few answered and then it happened. I certainly had many no’s and some changed my wordings.

But it taught me that anything is possible and to keep doing what I am doing. If you want to get practice by doing a certain job or you want to have a certain role – to others it may seem like you shouldn’t do it but to the right person…Don’t stop and Don’t Stop What You’re Doing! 😀 great motivation song that I loved! I found this when I redid my office and am thinking of blowing it up as a reminder to what I went through back then!


Entrepreneur To-Do List

Happy Monday! 🤗My entrepreneur to-do list 📝keeps growing! For the good.

1. 🤩Completing my business plan, which I didn’t plan on doing until I had some good minds set me straight and I began to realize my potential and that ultimately I needed one.

2. 🌸My first video script was done for my recent video post “All About Britt”, which is in my bio. Normally I do this on the fly but since I have help it really makes it easier to make better structure and organize.

3. 📑Yes those lease agreements. Reading through everything with a fine tooth comb and just ensuring I have the correct agreement for my county since this effort of work has changed hands under a new agent.

4. 🛠I had a lot of things happen good and bad. But then it all worked out. So I have to check for the final time, a walk through with the project manager for the entire painting, new toilet installation that was done. Can’t wait to take a video!!!

5. 👌🏾Sit back and let the exciting changes happen. Can’t say it any better! I hope everyone has a good day!😜

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Planted Handbags to Lure Girls to Prevent Loneliness – Movie Review: Greta

Ok, so this movie was weird but kept you guessing on what would happen next.

An older woman who suffered from pure craziness and the fact that she was lonely decided to plant handbags on a train hoping someone would find it and return it to the address left on her driver’s license.

The main victim/character of this story didn’t think much of it and began hanging out with her and considering her to be a friend. Her roommate thought she was being naive and needed to be careful.

Well of course the friend was right because one day while over the older woman’s house to eat dinner she spotted behind a cabinet a row full of handbags and they were all exactly the same with her driver’s license planted inside and numbers on stickies to the back of them.

Needless to say she wanted nothing more to do with her and tried to break it off but the older woman was hell bent on keeping her in her life.

She stalked her, showed up at her job, spit out chewing gum in the girls hair. That would have been the last straw for me!

Calling the cops didn’t work. In fact the police officer said if you ignore her she will leave you alone. Eye Roll!!

The girl went missing and was drugged and locked in a room that another woman stayed who was also captured by this older woman.

Luckily someone had a brain, the girls roommate. Because the detective the father hired didn’t last 5 minutes before he was shot after snooping around and attempting to save the girl.

The roommate found her way to the older woman’s place because she found the handbag she planted and spiked her drink.

After this ending I was quite relieved because some of the dumb missteps that happened in this movie had us both screaming at the t.v.

A movie Filled with Wigs & Fraud & Complete Ridiculousness: Movie Review – J.T. Leroy

OMG this is one of the silliest movies ever.

Based on a true story. A woman book author wrote a story about a fictional character who’s life was based on her actual life events.

She decided to have her sister-in-law pretend to be the male character of the book, J.T. Leroy. This was helping the author create fan fare, new circles of friends with celebrities and a way to promote her band she had with her husband.

Unfortunately, she picked the wrong woman to be J.T. The wigs were never convincing when she wore them in public and in fact they were women wigs with long tresses.

And worst of all, an actress set to play the mother of J.T. in a movie had a liking for Kristen Stewart who played J.T. But turns out she really didn’t like her not to mention she realized J.T. was actually a girl when she tried to hook up with her, but all she wanted was rights to the movie.

J.T. couldn’t manage to keep her emotions out of it, her speaking voice was inconsistent with how the author spoke over the phone as J.T., and J.T. didn’t show a consistent look in public revealing him to be a woman, a fraud.

The author and the J.T. character eventually got caught as people saw her in public and put the pictures together.

This encouraged the author to come out and tell her story as J.T. instead of hiding behind someone else.

In the end Kristen Stewart, who played J.T. moved to NY to become a writer and the book author regained her following. Funny quote in movie was the author told Kristen Stewart, just because you played a writer doesn’t mean you are one. I suppose she is right although earlier in the movie she encouraged her to step out her comfort zone and to be different.

Movie Review: They Shall Not Grow Old

If you get the chance to watch I highly recommend.

This came out quite some time ago to limited theaters and I believe it was only playing for 2 days and I wasn’t able to buy tickets.

But I learned it was available on DVD and my whole Saturday I looked forward to watching. This movie really gives you a glimpse of what the soldiers went through at the time of World War I.

Now when the movie first came on I actually did not multi-task. I sat my computer down and sat straight up in my chair to listen. Now the other reason for that is because they interviewed the survivors who’s voices had aged so you really had to have the volume up to hear what they were saying as I believe some had accents.

My first reaction while watching was Hey, where’ the color? But it did come just a bit later in the movie which is very cool to see – gives a different perspective.

All the men in the video were dressed the same, some had different fabric for their suits or coats but they were all dark-colored dressed. But one of the other key takeaways was that the advertising back then was quite persuasive in luring or asking men aged 18-35 to join the army and their moms and wives encouraging it.

I’m not sure how much of that rang true to how the population felt but I think even if I was born during that time having seen the convincing posters I might think hmm, I should join the army and fight for my country.

People signed up in droves and according to the men they interviewed who gave the history of their encounter – they wanted to join, and that it was a good thing because it taught them how to be a man, how to cook unlike having your mother do everything for you.

I suppose they were right, but seemed like the least route to take when you are very young and you may not return to experience the rest of your life.

These men trained daily, sometimes it looked to be a bit brutal but was exciting for them because they didn’t really know what to expect.

Until they were all shipped one by one each day to Europe and that’s when reality set in – the reality of what they were facing and was required to do.

These guys ate very small portions of food, some of which were canned with no different flavor options. They had to wear the same uniform clean or dirty. Experienced having lice, slept in mud mush water and even caught gangrene on their foot.

They risked their lives and were so brave with getting across the deep barbed wire trench to capture enemy soldiers.

Worst part of it all was them experiencing so many deaths that they had to walk over and on their bodies to move around. And when the war was won they returned with nobody showing appreciation, not offering a job nor understanding what they went through.

I suppose it is still that way until we don’t have any freedom then maybe we would quickly appreciate what they did for us.

Three Key Traits of an Agent: Personality, Knowledge, and Sale Ability

I’m not an agent but certainly a vested property investor/owner.

So I think innately speaking I may know what to say or what to do, not saying all would be correct but so far it has.

From the experience I have I realize to be successful you really need three traits because with many of the task that an agent would perform it falls into these categories: personality, knowledge, and sales.


The ability to connect with your clients or potential buyers is an important factor. Because at the end of the day clients want to work with someone who appears honest and cares about their needs. I have come across those who appear unfriendly and less cheerful, uncomfortable body language, and that if they found a crappy box – they would want me to live in it so they can make a sale, lol.

How you greet your clients and explain things to them really goes a long way. But if you can’t build trust how do you expect to have clients. Not all clients are the same and therefore should be treated individually. Ask them personal questions – get to know them. At the end of the day aren’t you more likely to donate or help someone you know who might have went to the same high school as you? OF COURSE! So anyone is going to be more willing to work with someone they have created some connection or bond. And even if you don’t have anything in common that is not the goal.

The goal is to really find out as much as you can about your client to make them happy and close the sale. For instance, how soon are they looking to move.


I can’t stress this enough. You have to know more than your client otherwise you’ll begin wondering why they aren’t communicating with you.

I think having a client that asks you questions are a good thing because it shows they look to you to be the expert, the person who knows all the reasons for certain situations.

Here’s the thing: there’s a ton of websites out there like Realtor, Redfin, and Zillow and they all give additional detail that is slightly different from the other. Like the rental charge history, the amount the taxes have increased by or whether or not a tenant pays all utilities. And of course agent have access to other websites for property information.

Your knowledge is what sets you apart. Knowing the area of certain neighborhoods, your ability to research and know the real estate market conditions can be a great advantage depending on the type of client you have: buyer, seller or renter.

How you hand hold your client throughout the process is another factor. Something as simple as offering booties with a sign telling visitors to wear them before entering to prevent carpet stains is a huge plus that not many think about.

You want to be the extended eyes and ears for your client.


Your ability to sell is king! How you describe features of a home to fit the needs of a client can be a leading factor in whether they decide to go with the property. Sometimes a client can’t visualize themselves in a place or don’t understand how their furniture can accommodate the space of the property. But being quick on your feet to respond to those concerns is crucial.

Understanding the features of the listing before you see the property or taking a walk before your client shows up to view it themselves that way you can determine the layout and whether or not it will hit some of the marks of what your client is looking for. And any questions you might have you will have a better time answering.

And if there is ever a time you don’t know the answer to a question, I suggest saying “Great question, I’m unsure about the answer but I will get in touch with the owner and respond to you right away.”

At the end of the showing ask for feedback or if there are any other questions they have so that you appear understanding, and helpful.

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