Rental Property: Close to Getting Repair Work Started

It’s been a long 2 months going on 3 when the pipe leak occurred and I’ve been waiting for the insurance companies from my side and the condo’s to settle on an agreement for repair coverage.

But the thing is staying on top of people has never been more important than now. Not until I became aggressive and pressing the matter did I see progress.

How-To: Prepare for A Tenants Departure from Your Rental Property

Whether you are a rental property owner or a tenant here are a few important things to be mindful of before you move out.

Make sure property is in the same condition before you moved in.

I know it is always said to take pictures, but sometimes you may not have taken enough pictures or at least of the simplest thing that might cause a disagreement on whether or not the tenant is responsible if damage occurred. But having this handy backup reference is key to knowing what updates should be done upon tenant leaving.

What to Wear When Meeting An Executive or Networking at Work

We’ve all had our chance or longed for the opportunity to speak with a colleague or executive who holds the ideal position we wish to occupy in the future. And the opportunity to meet and ask questions to understand if they had a similar path as us and faced the same struggles and overcame them is priceless.

Knowing I have been in this same situation myself, here is a meaningful tip, while short, can be helpful in a huge way.

Florida Pre-Travel: Arm Mop Ringer & Helpful Tips

Traveling is wonderful but the buildup requires alot of work.

In fact, even though I’m quite experienced in this area I still come across hiccups I could have prevented with a bit more foresight and due diligence.

One of them being my washer machine. This appliance came with the house and I have come to the conclusion that there’s some things you can test and know right away it doesn’t work and other times unless you are closely monitoring daily you won’t know especially before buying a home.


us movie poster
#UsMovie #lupitanyong’o #elizabethmoss #jordanpeele

If you like creepy, scary movies that leaves out certain details on why and how everything happened, this is perfect!

Now Lupita Nyong’o and Elizabeth Moss are the two most recognizable actors in this film. And this movie is just that creepy enough to be as good as any classical horror film with a more modern twist. The soundtrack was really good by the way with snippets of NWA and my favorite song being played “I got 5 on it”.

Gas explosion prevented

Rental Property: Scary Gas Leak Explosion Prevented

Whether you own a home or are renting it is important to ensure all dials are turned off from any gas-triggered appliance.

In my case no one was inside the rental property when the gas was detected. But here are some known ways to detect a gas leak:

Starting Brittany Knows: Brittany Knows Update – And God Said Let there be Light

Talking about recent changes and updates I have gone through to refine and building out the brittanyknows brand by buying new equipment.

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Easy Tips on How-To Prepare For Your 1st Day On the Job

Great Tips for a college graduate or professional starting their first job or transitioning to a new one on how to prepare for the first day!

1. Reward Yourself

Doing so will help build your confidence and help you put your best foot forward to make the best impression to your new team. Not only that, you outsmarted and out interviewed everyone you were up against. That deserves a thumbs up. By implying buying yourself something or even going out to dinner you are acknowledging your hard work, which will help frame your attitude and mindset on the first day.

Bear Cubs & Swimming Moose in Glacier National Park

Seeing Glaciers in-person you can certainly have a greater appreciation for their purpose. Temperatures were cold but it didn’t stop construction on roads causing traffic to get clogged.

We had to fly into Washington then take a road trip over to Glacier National Park. Arriving during the day after some midnight driving our immediate picturesque moment was seeing Bears.

The hiking was not strenuous so if you are a hiking enthusiast like me you’ll be slightly let down. We did manage to hike up steep mountains to get an aerial view of the park, which turned out to be very beautiful. Overall, I enjoyed visiting here – there was so much to do: hike, gain weight on the yummy waffles and buffet-style breakfast, spend an hour trying to capture a lightning strike on camera (of course the photo is missing, ugh – If I do find i will post), see hidden waterfalls, kayak while seeing a swimming moose, or you can do like this one guy did ski from the top of a steep cliff on a glacier (the last two pics). I was so stunned like others we didn’t capture this in real-time…such a bummer. I’ll let you look at some of the nice shots we took.

Rental Property: A No Show & A Peek-a-boo Hiding House Sitter

Here’s an image for thought. I drove to I guess the southwest side of Chicago. I was so eager to go until I drove up and the agent tells me the owner wants to sell the building for little of nothing, jut take it off my hands he said. I thought hmm. Well, my grandma was with me this time and boy her looks said it all. LOL.

The worst part about it, never got the chance to look inside because one pretended to not know visitors were coming and looked disheveled while the other person never came out because they were too busy enjoying their hallucinations.

Peek-a-boo House Sitter

Never imagined I would walk through a Chicago house that is empty and looks as such but really when you start walking around inside to view the premises – you happen to find what looks to be like two bedrooms. But so odd the doors would be closed. Well, someone was hiding inside.

It was awkward because I think I had already made lewd comments about the place after walking in but now I couldn’t say anything. And who turns a basement that has a very big street like sewer hole with a cover into a bedroom. Thank god I am goofy because these places break my heart and really crack me up.