cooking dish - breakfast

Slumber Party Recipes: Breakfast is Served

Quick breakfast that takes a total of 20-30min depending on stove top temperature. Opting for healthy dishes as always we had: hash browns, bacon, raisin bread topped with eggs, spinach and avocado with a side of garden raised pears. Hmmm, hmmmm good!

Slumber Party Cooking Dish - salmon

Slumber Party Recipes: Healthy Meal on the Fly for Mom’s Sleepover

My mom tells me she is coming over and really I knew this already because I was helping her study for her exam, but I had no usable ingredients to cook dinner. At the last minute I ran over to Aldi, which by the way has an amazing selection.

The Unseen Movie

The Unseen

Some movies are good, others just plain weird. I didn’t find much interest in this since it was about a guy with this gross hereditary disease, I guess that causes his skin to disappear. His disconnected daughter learns she has it too. And primarily he walks around attempting to save his daughter from an incident – fighting others with his flesh exposed. I don’t think anyone wants to fight against that. No point of spoiling the little action that appears towards the end of this, not-needed over-1.5hr movie. You’ll like the special effects, hahah.

This movie drags to really get to the true essence of this movie. But the action teasers should keep you a bit engaged.

Woman wearing long sleeve top and shorts beginning to run

Confessions of a Winter Weight Gainer

I have a confession, this winter I have been eating a ton of ice cream. My favorite being Dunkin’ Donuts Jamoca Almond Fudge or ColdStone Creamery Coffee Lovers Only. But the time has come to get back in gear and loose this extra weight.

Breaking from No-Chip to Rest Nail Growth

So I’ve come to realize there might be an art to growing long nails. One time they had gotten to such a good length one of my actual nails started to hurt and I couldn’t imagine why. So I immediately got them cut and had the No-Chip removed thinking maybe I had hit it too hard and it was turning black, but that wasn’t the case. Still don’t know why it happened. The art to growing your nails seems to be a balance between protection and relaxation. Meaning protect and strengthen with no chip but then rotating in between to give it a break so it can breathe and experience growth without the added coats of polish.

Your nails should be able to shine and look nice on their own. So the next time I get my nails done they will be regular polish because I’m at my 2nd stint with No-Chip 2 months in a row. And Ironically, I’ve been careful, not on purpose, just unknowingly freely moving without any intervention to prevent my nails from chipping. Here’s what they look like now.

Funny thing is I absolutely loved this color but it was too light so the technicians had to add a darker green as a base coat before applying the lighter green that I really wanted. It worked out well.

“I Pity The Fool!” Mr. T came all the way from the south


Trees are beautiful and serves it’s purpose for many reasons. But sometimes you need to get rid of them: Cutting, Digging or Chopping before it ruins your home in more ways than one. Per my Mr. T Grandmother.

Nosey Neighbors: A “neighbor-do list” for my yard.

male neighbor peeping through blinds to spy

Can you believe the nerve of my neighbor to lure me into her home with tantalizing fresh baked cookies just to give me a list of the things I need to change in my yard!!?? Who Does That??

Well, yes she did and on top of that she had the nerve to share her lawn service bill and that she recommends I get the same because I have creepin’ charley, which is not grass and it’s creeping over to hers. 

Icing Trees Cause Broken Branches & Broken Garage Siding

If you’re like me you probably stepped out in the bitter cold to be awed by the icicle trees. If not, then I will hold that torch on my own, lol. It was very pretty but as soon as I saw the above i had to do a spot check around my yard to prevent any additional maintenance cost. 

Why are people sharing a lane with me while driving – I’m inches away from seeing your phone screen from my car!

Cairo, Egypt city traffic

Ok yesterday I was driving and out of nowhere some random guy is driving in the lane with me. I could practically see the screen of his cellphone if I had looked any harder and wasn’t so shocked and pissed. I didn’t know which emotion to display first. And it reminded me of all the crazy driving I experienced while in Egypt – and all the countries in Africa. Except this time there is snow on the ground. Maybe he was from there I don’t know. He drove in my far right lane and then seconds later made a left turn. “…what”. Who does that?

What if I tried to avoid a slippery spot or a pothole? We all know there’s plenty of those lurking around. Complete mayhem. No one obviously believes in looking for a dotted white line to tell you what area in the road to stay in while driving.

This picture above is what it looks like day and night when riding through traffic with no lines. And oddly enough I never saw anyone get in an accident….it was like bumper car city with no bumping.

Growing Long Natural Nails

Reaching the ultimate natural nail length vs Acrylic nails

When I was younger I was a die-hard tomboy and then over the years my aunt would occasionally say, “Hey Brittany, what’s up with your nails?” Nothing was wrong with them I just never did much with them. I think in High School was my first attempt to get acrylic nails. The same day I had my nails done, I left to arrive home and right before I walked through to close the door my nail got caught. I had to spend the next week or so with a broken nail while working at Pet Smart. It wasn’t long before the others broke – and I decided I was done with that experience.

Fast forward to 2018 I gave them another try. Since I really do need to type at work it was so weird and awkward and they felt enormous on me. When it was time to get them removed it hurt because of how long they have to buff each nail to take off the glue. So at that moment I said I’m not doing this again and even better why don’t I just grow my own darn nails.

Well I did and they were really strong, but problem is I don’t like to go to the nail shop often so if a nail breaks by the time I get them done other nails have broken and I have to press the restart button.

Well as you can see in the picture above – they reached that length and a bit longer and now I’m on the journey again and hoping to maintain them as they really add a different look to my style. I’m still a tomboy at heart so I really have to balance being able to be active without the need of being danty with long nails.

Long natural lilac nails
Long natural nails as of today!

Does anyone grow their real nails and if so what do you do to maintain the length?