Launching Step to Your Next Career

Now, this look I absolutely love because it’s a reminder that you have to show up willing to look the part to occupy your dream job.

In case you hadn’t seen the post – here’s 3 style options to wear to an interview.

If you were to live in clutter it has a natural effect to hamper your ability to think and focus. But when your space is clear and clean much like your appearance it does wonder to your overall attitude and character.

So, if you are headed to a meeting or interview where the need to impress is a must, lighten up and dress your best. And remember the moment you walk out the door is your next step to a career changing moment.

It’s a Friday Workday – Ugh Isn’t this a Holiday Weekend?

Now I am kidding about this one although my grandma called and said, Hey are you guys coming to visit for the holiday…I said, grandma I don’t have Friday off, lol.

Well, here it is Friday. All I can think about is the weekend and how nice it is and I wish I could just hang around outside enjoying the weather instead of being stuck indoors at work. Continue reading “It’s a Friday Workday – Ugh Isn’t this a Holiday Weekend?”

BrittanyKnows Career: My Work Mug Shot

There’s good and bad days at work.

But when you can have fun and enjoy laughter with more than just yourself it is a good feeling and sometimes needs recognition.

We turned a bit of a friction about a project into something lighthearted, hence my mugshot.

Continue reading “BrittanyKnows Career: My Work Mug Shot”

Career Talk: 5 Quick Tips to Prep for An Interview & Land That Job!

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No matter where you are in your career: college student, grad, professional you might find these tips to be helpful in knowing how you should prepare for an interview so you close the deal.

Tip #1: Hardcover Binder

It’s important to avoid clutter and clumsiness by simply having a hardcover resume binder to bring with you to contain all your important sales sheet of who you are: portfolio, resume and of course you need to have a notepad. In case they mention thing that are important that you would like to bring up or find helpful in negotiating or knowing what your tasks will be. The more you learn during the interview the more you can either brush up on some of those skills you weren’t aware of or sharpen your readiness.

Tip #2: Bring Copies of Resumes

Not every manager is the same. Some are prepared and others aren’t. I also think it depends on the severity of the position, how crucial is it for them to fill the role to cover a pressing need. So no matter what bring some just in case o that you can also help them be better prepared in knowing what questions to ask. At the end of the day you want to rack up as many “oh, nice” moments as possible to close the deal.

Tip #3: Practice in the Mirror

Seems silly but if you don’t you will never know how you come across to others. Your smile, level of enthusiasm, your body language all play a factor with what they will analyze when asking you question. So its best to be prepared and not let off any signs that you don’t know or are uninterested.

Tip #4: Have Questions Prepared to Ask

It’s touch knowing what to ask others during the interview when you feel they have told you the complete story from beginning to end. So, what to do? Well, this is where researching comes in handy prior to interviewing. Figure out the mot recent news – sometime it will be relevant other time they won’t really no much of what is going on depending on their job function. Bu you can always ask, Why did you decide to work here. I will have more examples in a different post.

Tip #5: Have a Firm Handshake

Most people do and some don’t. The rule is when you have a firm handshake it sends a better message about who you are otherwise it can come across as this person is uninterested, maybe afraid even if you go in with a weak handshake.


Tip #6: Visit LinkedIn

If you are not use to it I advise you to do so. Because this is a sure way to know the following:

  1. Who will I be speaking with?
  2. Do they have a similar background as mine?
  3. What is their area of focus?
    1. Knowing this could determine the questions they may ask you
  4. Where did they go to school?
    1. You should always see if you went to the same school or know the same people to have a good ice breaker moment. Connection is alway key and of course selling on your ability to do the job.

BrittanyKnows Career: Remember One’s Name & You Own Them

Such a beautiful flower that sprouted finally this morning and Getting There is helping my mental seeds do the same.

I am really enjoying this book so far. I actually heard about it while reading The Wall Street Journal on my phone and traveled miles in hopes of receiving a hard copy, but nothing was available. I bought the audio book instead while I wait for the hard copy to come in the mail. Continue reading “BrittanyKnows Career: Remember One’s Name & You Own Them”

From Pokemon to InstaStyle: Reading My Way to Building a Following for BrittanyKnows

Reading a book with a pokemon shirt

I like to laugh a lot! I was even goofier in high school and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I only say that to say – starting I have to find and receive that humor, it keeps me going really!

But even more so, I never realized how much time I had lost with really staying on the relevant side. Continue reading “From Pokemon to InstaStyle: Reading My Way to Building a Following for BrittanyKnows”

Where’s My Air Time? Dressing for An Interview to Land that Dream Job!

I remember when I was in high school I always put my best foot forward, regarding my attire for an interview. Plus my mom made sure of it, lol. I knew the culture was to dress very formal and appear executive-like. Well, it certainly helped over the years because I remember later on hearing awful stories of people appearing at an interview like they were at a beach or didn’t bother to wear the appropriate jacket.

Here’s the thing, you want to set the mood, the tone of the conversation. But if your appearance gives the impression you don’t care, well, how do you think the rest of the interview will go? Continue reading “Where’s My Air Time? Dressing for An Interview to Land that Dream Job!”

Career Talk: Terrible Wig Wearing at Work!

I know that the wig industry is a huge industry and people wear them for different reasons.

But my innocent reason for wearing one turned into nothing but fuss, hassle and the constant irritable regret because I just couldn’t seem to wear it correctly.

Whether it was working downtown Chicago – walking to the office or heading into meetings my wig would shift causing the constant need to pull and readjust.

Certainly no one’s head or hair does that constantly throughout the day.

Yes, I was given some practice or training but no-one in my family are really experts. So with that said I became the “test dummy”. A mere deer thrown out to the wolves, but in this case it was thrown to mother nature offering wind, rain, snow and heat to trample my hair however it pleased.

I don’t wear them anymore ever since I found a role in the suburbs that allows me to drive to work instead. If I did find myself back downtown again I now know I can purchase an umbrella I have seen that provides coverage down to the chest.

With the every no and again peek of real hair exposing underneath or on the side while under the wig people can pot my wig ever so clearly.

So maybe if you do have the choice I recommend keeping it simple with your own hair or just get extra practice.

For the actual video on my experience click here.

BrittanyKnows Career: #5 Tips to Build a Relationship with Your Manager

Working with a manager or boss can have its challenges. But coming from someone who is a manager I like to think we expect the same things that you would expect from a best friend, or a repairmen.

We all know a company, and team needs efficiency when it comes to completing projects. But in order to strive for efficiency you need a team of employees who are independent and flexible to adapt to changes. Continue reading “BrittanyKnows Career: #5 Tips to Build a Relationship with Your Manager”

Breaking the Ice: How to Creatively Lead Your New Team

Sometimes depending on your role you may have to work on different project teams within your position at a company.

When I transitioned from one project to another because the project was coming to a close I needed to find a way to get the team onboard with me and feel comfortable working with and listening to me.

Check out my video to hear my approach which made it easier to connect with the team and ultimately allowed them to focus on my contribution and no longer the past team member I replaced.

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