Movie Review: The Perfection to a Limbless Body

Another evening with nothing to do and Netflix is on the schedule to watch.

I didn’t see many good options floating around the millions of categories they have listed.

And that is when I found The Perfection.

The movie starts out a tad creepy with a squeamish woman gazing at another lady being honored for her music playing abilities.

When everyone breaks away to mingle from the speech given, this squeamish woman approaches the other lady to share her admiration.

Next thing you know, the two slept together and took a trip to another country. Except the woman with such great ability to play her instrument was served a spike drink that left her with hallucinations causing her to chop her arm off.

Come to find out – both women were taught by the same gentlemen who had given a speech the evening before and unfortunately raped them anytime they missed a musical note.

The squeamish woman’s reason for spiking the drink of the other woman was because she wanted her to see what was really happening and that she needed to break free from their teacher.

So they created this quite convincing plan that left me thinking huh – I didn’t know they were working together this whole time. And their form of payback was quite gruesome, leaving the man with all limbs chopped off, breathing in a respirator.

Wanda Sykes: Not Normal Comedy Special

Who doesn’t love Wanda Sykes, she is hilarious. Well, during an evening of movie surfing on Netflix I saw a trailer for her stand-up when she made the comment about President Trump having toilet paper stuck to his shoes. I thought, hmmm and I didn’t hear of this I need to watch her show to hear more.

I was laughing quite often throughout her set.

Whoever you support I felt she stayed light and more on the sarcastic humor side.

Now as I mentioned – never recalled of this happening to Trump so I did hunt for the video and here it is.

Now his aides described it as a small squarish/moist wet piece of paper. Yet it still sounds like tissue to me.

I agree with her that any stranger would prevent you from being embarrassed by this. And so the rest of her set has these similar punch lines across topics that are great to hear her talk through from politics and her bi-racial children.

Movie Review: Runaway Bride-esque “Isn’t it Romantic”!

This movie was quite funny. Although lately, I think it has become a little tough to top some of the funnier Rom-Com’s from the 90’s, but this was slightly different.

So the scene started off with Rebel being a little girl enjoying romantic comedy movies. And the movie she was watching which is my favorite too, Pretty Woman.

I mean don’t you just love that song and movie too? Well, I was the only one in the room grooving to it, lol.

Movie Review: Fighting with Family


This was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster but in a good way.

First off, two siblings, brother and sister grew up in a wrestling family, the WWE kind. The parents were not famous but they were avid partakers in the sport. So much so, they started their own small wresting company locally in Norwich, England.

It was both the siblings dream, especially the brother to be a professional wrestler for WWE. Unfortunately, during a try out, his kind intention to ensure his sister looked great while he took some of the hits left him with a rejection and his dreams shattered.

He tried endlessly to resubmit tapes in hopes to be considered until he was given a final no. All while he had a new born and girlfriend he was barely paying attention to.

His sister was of course sad he didn’t get picked and in fact felt challenged with continuing in the training program she left and returned home. But with the advice of her brother and parents she returned to the training program and beat out everyone to be the youngest champion.

The whole time we were rooting for her to win, make her family proud and most of all for her brother to get out of his slump.

In the end they all did and they were all happy for the sister/daughter to do well. In fact they were making handmade dolls and posters to sell locally. of her to raise income.

This is based on a true story. Well worth the watch if you haven’t. There were some funny moments but mainly a movie about an underdog coming out on top.

Movie Review: John Wick Chapter 3

Did you see John Wick? I feel like it strayed a tad from it original direction. I mean Keanu ended up stranded in a desert passed out for crying out loud.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to think of this movie.

I like this movie series, in fact I recall we saw the first two as a rental and thought it was funny and really good. This time we saw it at the movie theater, some movies make a difference with how you see it and I don’t know it was almost a snoozer.

It took so many bullets to kill each enemy; not a ton of lines being spoken and it was all just non-stop action fighting.

On one hand that was good but I wanted to hear more from Keanu. We realized after the fact we should have rewatched the first 2 movies to better understand what was to take place in the 3rd installment.

It’s fun to look forward to a series or movie you have been longing for, I just wouldn’t give this movie the A rating it has now.

Netflix Movie Review: Annoyed Kind of Night – The Silence

Can you guess my mood by looking at this photo?

Well, if not here’s an idea – ANNOYED. I watched The Silence on Netflix. Thought it might be good because I am familiar with Stanley Tucci from other roles.

I don’t really think it was. I feel like there were things missing from the story especially the ending. I must admit like most movies we had to watch over 2 days because the movie seemed longer than it needed to be and we were ready for bed.

Book Review: The Pay Off Can Take Years, But Great Dreams Require Hard-work & Constant Nourishment

I believe in following your passion, heck that is what I am doing. It doesn’t come easy, certainly never does for me.

But what is even more inspiring is hearing Jeff Kinney’s story, the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

He loved drawing and wanted to ultimately have his character published. And every time he would take on other jobs or careers they only became a distraction for his true calling.

Movie Review – Level 16

If you ever heard of Level 16 it’s quite weird. I usually can solve a movie pretty quickly. I came close but not quite.

It’s a strange and mysterious thriller so to speak that left me wondering where does the imagination generate from for many film producers.

There’s a group of kids maybe 15 and above who are told to recite rules they must follow. If the rules aren’t followed they are deemed unclean and will be punished by being skinned.

Man Half Frozen Saves Himself & Woman From a Hungry Polar Bear: Movie Review – Arctic

Ever wondered what it’s like to be stranded in the Arctic, well this movie highlights the peril of the unknown during cold extremity.

I enjoyed watching this and only knew of this movie coming out on DVD, didn’t see it listed in the movie theaters.

The movie starts with a male actor who I’m assuming experienced strong winds with snowfalls, crashed on a mountain. What looked to be no chance in sight of him finding rescue showed him in the beginning scene spelling S.O.S. in deep snow.

He had some equipment in his helicopter he would dig through each day, one of them was a box to transmit a radio signal for rescue. I’m surprised he also managed to catch fish.

He did find a helicopter that was out searching. I suspect as I just realized while writing this the look and color of his plane was similar to the rescue crew.

Sadly as they flew too close to the strandee, due to high winds they crashed. There were two onboard the helicopter leaving 1 woman semi-alive. She suffered a gash on her stomach.

The lead actor spent the entire movie keeping them alive and warm as he could. She never made a sound until the absolute worst time. For a moment he thought she was dead and as he walked away leaving her to die in a corner he fell into a deep hole underneath. He was able to get out after resetting his broken leg.

He spent much time trying to pull her up a hill on a sleigh bed when on 2 to 3 tries it became so heavy it fell back to the bottom. He decided to give it up and found a hole for them to stay when a Polar Bear heard her make a noise, the one time she made a noise throughout the entire movie. The Polar Bear was relentless and was close to digging his way into the cave of the strandees. The male actor lit one of those rescue lighters and scared the Polar Bear away.

They finally made it to the top of the mountain and nearly missed their chance of rescue for being too far way from the rescuers purview.

Recommend watching.

Dragged Across Boredom: Movie Review – Dragged Across Concrete

#vincevaughn #melgibson

I was a bit shocked because I wasn’t included in the decision of renting this movie, but here we go, I gave it a try.

Honestly, I am not sure what is going on with Vince Vaughn. I really think he is a funny guy and if I know he is in a movie I’m more inclined to watch it. But this movie didn’t seem to fit him.

And not only that his side kick in this role was Mel Gibson. I know he played opposite Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon because I saw all of them if I remember correctly and they were good.

But this movie was nothing like that. Firstly, it moves slow and not just any slow there are times where I feel like there’s just two guys sitting in silence dragging out meaningless conversation for what reason I am not sure.

On top of that I thought, huh I hadn’t seen Vince Vaughn in any films for a while let me head over to IMBD to see what he been up to. Is he directing, is he directing this movie?

Turns out he didn’t produce this movie – not familiar with the guy who did but I wish he hadn’t casted Vince Vaughn because this isn’t his cup of tea really.

Now I must admit – he received backlash when playing in True Detective although I thought he did well. So maybe he is following the same choice for roles.

Anyway this movie is about 2 cops who were filmed being a bit too aggressive to a suspect while staking out on the outside stairwell by his window. When I say aggressive I mean Mel Gibson placed his foot on the suspect’s head and pushed it quite hard against the metal flooring.

They were relieved of their duty/suspended. Mel Gibson had a wife with MS and daughter who kept getting picked on by the neighbors in a changing neighborhood. Vince Vaughn had a long time girlfriend he wanted to marry.

A guy was going around robbing convenient stores and somehow Mel Gibson came up with the idea to rob a set of robbers they had been following, who coincidentally were in the middle of robbing a bank when they drove past their vehicle and it so happen to partly be one of the guys who recently robbed a convenient store.

Mel Gibson really wanted to change the life of his family. They tailed the robbers for miles.

When they managed to finally catch up with the robbers in a secluded and remote place, only 1 person survived and it was neither of the cops especially since Vince Vaughn died after listening to the voicemail his wife left when he proposed by directing her via phone to pull an urgent item out of his coat pocket. We will never know if she said Yes or No. The consensus was split on this one.

It was an odd movie. Picture someone lying right underneath an oil leaking car but spends 10min while his rifle is in front of him talking about how he is going to shoot and where before it actually happens with a missed target. Eye Roll please!