How-To Vacation with His or Her Family

Vacationing with His or Her Family can be great or a Rocky Horror Show. And it got me thinking how many people experience this and what do they do?

Either way I’ve found that conforming to these tips has helped tremendously to keep the vacation fun and sane, lol! But would love to hear from you on what you have done? Submit your comments below.

Catamaran Boat Ride: Fast Waves & Serenity

I was never that interested in riding on a boat unless it was action packed and amazing like what you see in the movies. But for a few years now I’ve come to like the peace, and tranquil surrounding that comes with being on a boat. Everything is calm and you just sit back and enjoy the scenery, life and nature.

Florida Pre-Travel: Arm Mop Ringer & Helpful Tips

Traveling is wonderful but the buildup requires alot of work.

In fact, even though I’m quite experienced in this area I still come across hiccups I could have prevented with a bit more foresight and due diligence.

One of them being my washer machine. This appliance came with the house and I have come to the conclusion that there’s some things you can test and know right away it doesn’t work and other times unless you are closely monitoring daily you won’t know especially before buying a home.

Bear Cubs & Swimming Moose in Glacier National Park

Seeing Glaciers in-person you can certainly have a greater appreciation for their purpose. Temperatures were cold but it didn’t stop construction on roads causing traffic to get clogged.

We had to fly into Washington then take a road trip over to Glacier National Park. Arriving during the day after some midnight driving our immediate picturesque moment was seeing Bears.

The hiking was not strenuous so if you are a hiking enthusiast like me you’ll be slightly let down. We did manage to hike up steep mountains to get an aerial view of the park, which turned out to be very beautiful. Overall, I enjoyed visiting here – there was so much to do: hike, gain weight on the yummy waffles and buffet-style breakfast, spend an hour trying to capture a lightning strike on camera (of course the photo is missing, ugh – If I do find i will post), see hidden waterfalls, kayak while seeing a swimming moose, or you can do like this one guy did ski from the top of a steep cliff on a glacier (the last two pics). I was so stunned like others we didn’t capture this in real-time…such a bummer. I’ll let you look at some of the nice shots we took.

Hawaii - Kauai Island

Hawaii Island Hopping Destination: Big Island, Maui & Kauai

Lost Keys, Lost Driver’s License – Thank God I made it back home!

Visiting 3 islands in 2 weeks was a major feat for us. Before we arrived to the Big Island, we experienced the worst nightmare could. Somehow when my confirmation ticket was printed to proceed through the security gate my name was misspelled. Not anticipating for traffic and long lines, we of course arrived late. So late – that I had to plead with one of the airline workers to fix my ticket so that I can move ahead into the security line and by the time we ran and made it through to our gate we had roughly 30min or so of time to spare, terrible and so frightening. I don’t want to know what that feeling would have been knowing I prepared so much financially for an awesome vacation if we had missed our plane.

Chicago Architecture Tour

Night in Downtown Chicago

A follow-up to our 2016 rendezvous after attending Riot Fest – we got it right!

I love Chicago! And over the years they’ve really improved the entertainment, landscape and the appeal for outdoorsy-adventurous goers to come. There’s so much to offer that if you don’t go you will never know. And really if you had a small budget you could still enjoy many activities without paying.

Camping Tent at Sunset RV Campground

Weekend Camping at Keweenaw Pennisula, Michigan

Sunset RV Campground
Sunset RV Campground

Well guys let this be a warning, whatever you do – IF you plan to camp at the Sunset Bay RV Resort & Campground– BRING MOSQUITO REPELLANT! And not just any repellant. Bring any and all you can think of…why?

Mosquito Mania Abound St. Thomas

I made this my next adventure in between jobs. We flew into St. Thomas and headed straight to the hotel the first day. The view from our hotel stay in the picture above was unimaginable. Seeing the milky way at night and swimming in warm water – I didn’t want to leave.

Destination Wedding: Bahamas

Fun times on a boat tour, lighthouse visit and warm temperatures

I was invited to the Bahamas for a destination wedding. Even though its U.S. territory you are still required to have a passport. First time ever having one. The island is beautiful and rich with relaxing blue water, warm temperatures during the day and night.

Road Trip to Arkansas: Crater of Diamond State Park

First day of arrival

I wasn’t thrilled at first to drive cross-country to Arkansas (really its more like a 4hr drive but it’s much longer if you don’t want to go ha!). Crater of Diamond State Park is where we landed, known to create riches out of diamond finders.

Before we arrived, we found this neat place ran and owned by a husband and wife, Diamond John’s Riverside Retreat. It seemed to have a lot of praise for its teepees, cabins and the wild naturistic feeling with wandering ducks and dogs and a giant flow of a water stream that didn’t look the cleanest. We read reviews on this place and what caught our eye is someone posted “I wouldn’t let my dog swim in that water” among some other things that person shared so I was firm with not wanting to book a stay with this couple. Well turns out a quick phone call to inquire about the cleanliness of their place landed us an upgraded cabin that was so nice I couldn’t have dreamed of anything better.

TV, in-room private bath, very spacious with 2 beds. Other guests had to use an outhouse for shared shower/bathroom.


The entire time we were there was filled with driving scenic routes along the hills – very gorgeous views.

We also spent a lot of time at Crater of Diamond State Park. I was surprised to see that many people living there stayed in trailers, some had missing teeth – none of that diamond sparkle seemed to rub off on the area. We saw loads of people paying their way as did we to have a chance of finding a diamond. We even saw one lady keep her daughter from using the restroom to help dig through mud so no one else beats them to the find.

I also had my own tantrums – I was hauling heavy buckets of dirt that goes into a long sink to wash and look for your diamond. It’s a very messy procedure. And we ended up empty handed. Funny thing – when we returned home someone found a diamond – big one too – we were so pissed but that’s how the story goes.

A lot of locales give up their job just to search for diamonds every day. Many are lucky, but they tend to be small and worth significantly less than their time is worth exerting energy to search.

I did enjoy my time there. We learned a lot of history about its famous location: rags to riches stories of past diamond seekers from the 20s and prior. I recommend reading the history of the more famous diamond finders during those times. Some died broke and squandered their money from spending too frivolously.