What to Wear When Meeting An Executive or Networking at Work

We’ve all had our chance or longed for the opportunity to speak with a colleague or executive who holds the ideal position we wish to occupy in the future. And the opportunity to meet and ask questions to understand if they had a similar path as us and faced the same struggles and overcame them is priceless.

Knowing I have been in this same situation myself, here is a meaningful tip, while short, can be helpful in a huge way.

Rolling in Deep Summer Fun turned Winter Workwear Casual

Nothing like a little Adele to get your energy flowing before the start of your day.

Simple casual piece with vibrant colors from a casual orange pants paired with a grey top and amazingly adorned with manolo blahnik polka dot shoes.

Ensuring you stay warm and still dress appropriate for the season – just simply add a cardigan to make it a transition piece from summer to winter.

Shake It Off Workwear: #8 Tips to Conceal Weight Gain – BrittanyKnows.com

When you’ve added a few pounds you tend to go into a slump because nothing fits right and you’re not motivated to continue dressing with your best foot forward. I’m here to tell you I have found these 8 tips, unknowingly used all the time by myself actually provides some help.

Idea Creation: A Look at My Brainstorming Room

My mom, who’s been helping me get things off the ground along with my companion, knows how much I enjoy having a think tank space.

I’ve enjoyed brainstorming with people to come up with ideas at the many places I have worked. And for my new interest it should be no different. Welcome to my small work space where I really spend the quiet time needed to come up with ideas on my videos. It’s not much, but for me I’m sure like all small risk takers – a small office can pack a lot of punch and I’m ready to let my exploring mind lead the way in new ideas.

From a tripod, terrible lighting which I am working on to improve, computer and tons of scribbled paper notes, it’s all here. Only thing I am missing is a sign that ays BrittanyKnows so that it is etched and sketched in my brain he minute I walk in to the think tank space.

Quitting My Job? Why I Started BrittanyKnows

I had some people ask me why I started BrittanyKnows? What’s its purpose? Is this your full-time job?

What’s the 411? Styling Leather Skirt w/ Knee High Boots

#BCBG LeatherSkirt #Blazer #KneeHighBoots #Fashion #outfits #workwear

I love Mary J Blige. And for this Hump Day by no coincidence – I channeled her wearing an all black attire. This looks makes me feel more confident and edgy. At work the reaction was that I meant business and that is what I wanted.

A great style choice wearing a black cropped blazer with a nice 3 button and zipper detail to alter the ways to wear it. Underneath I wore a white sleeveless top with a leather knee length skirt and knee high boots that had a gold heel for a nice distinct look. This look is comfortable and provides enough ease and flexibility to walk around and move as you please!

WorkWear: How To Style a Forever 21 Dress w/ Over the Knee Boots for Work

Blazer by #BCBG
Dress by #Forever21
Belt by #AnnTaylor
Over the Knee Boots by #BCBG

This look is so simple and cute. It’s a playful dress wear from Forever 21 that can be worn all year round by the switch of a shoe. I’ve had this dress for 5 or more years and it’s simple design allows anyone to easily dress it up or down, adding additional color tones through accessories and clothing layers to upscale this very inexpensive dress from 9 to 5 or in the evening. The over the knee gives it a nice shiny polish to direct attention in areas of length and movement of the dress rather than the price of the clothing.

Checkout my video for a fuller description!

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3 Day to Night Styles w/ Christian Louboutins & Manolo Blahnik

You don’t have to own a ton of clothes to create different styles for your workday wardrobe. In fact, a simple change like switching out your shoes can make a huge difference in your style presentation and the statement you’re looking to make.

First outfit: Red cape draped over a long sleeve color-block dress, paired with black Manolo Blahnik pointy toe suede heels. This gives a nice sophistication for an in the office work wear look.

Second outfit: Long sleeve dress paired with purple Christian Louboutin booties embellished with sparkly button closures down the font of the shoe (Clicking on the link you may find at TheReal website). This look is perfect as a transition wear for an evening whether you’re playing pool or going to a movie. The heel is very comfortable while adding a nice prominent length to your attire.

Third outfit: When it’s winter time and cold you’re not eager to opt for a leg barring dress. But you can, by simply wearing over-the-knee length boots to add great length to your style. It also adds an edge to your presence while staying true to the authoritative tone you’ll command when pairing these items together.

WorkWear: Leopard Print & Polka Dot Manolo Blahnik Flat

How to Style a fun leopard work outfit. Styling work wear with green leopard sweater, cropped orange pants, polka dot flats. I said Tiger in video by mistake.

Green Sweater by #BCBG
Orange Pants by #AnnTaylor
Shoes by #ManoloBlahnik