BrittanyKnows Workwear: Handbags In My Closet, Burberry vs Louis Vuitton

While I don’t have a wide collection of handbags my reasoning for starting a collection may or may not be different from the norm.

I believe as you move up in your career there’s an image you want to project and sometimes through life it gets adjusted as your income level increases, maybe the position you occupy or even style influences by the location you reside.

About 3 years ago or so at the time of transitioning between companies I decided to invest in a Burberry handbag. It was my first expensive purchase ever and luckily at the time there was a sale happening to persuade my purchase given that for a long time I was only used to the price points of a Coach handbag.

It was a great choice as I’ve shown in the video. There’s a lot that I can fit into the bag, as the size was important in case I would need to travel but mainly the sleek and clean look of it. Minimal display of branding and it went well with everything I wore. Giving a great compliment to my wardrobe. After that moment I decided to buy another one but only to wear with casual styles.

My next purchase was a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I absolutely love the color contrast and even though the logo is displayed everywhere imaginable it’s not really that noticeable because your eyes become drawn towards the colors and it really provides a sophisticated style to your look.

Check out my video to hear about the choice of bags I have purchased.

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