Pre-Florida Travel Packing List

Here’s a snapshot of what I packed for Florida:

  1. Life Jacket for our boat ride. I purchased this awhile back from Cabela’s because of many times going to kayak they would only provide jackets that were either wet or the wrong size: too large, too small.
  2. Fluorescent color tops.
  3. Shorts – one of which are designated purely for getting dirty when hiking or if the weather is crappy.
  4. Pants & Hoodie Sweaters – This comes in handy when Im not sure what type of weather it will be during vacation, hot or cold and windy. Packing these items help me be quickly adjust to the fluctuating temperatures.
  5. Sandals & Gym Shoes – I always pack both so that depending on if I’m walking on the beach or going on boat/car rides my footwear will be flexible for the terrain.
  6. Swimsuits – I bring 3 pair because if you are staying somewhere that doesn’t have a laundry area after awhile your swimwear will get smelly, or you’ll wait awhile until they air dry after hand-washing them.
  7. Camera Accessories.
  8. Small Cross-Body Purse.
  9. Large duffel bag to transport my laptop, notebooks as a carry on.

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