WorkWear: How To Style a Forever 21 Dress w/ Over the Knee Boots for Work

Blazer by #BCBG
Dress by #Forever21
Belt by #AnnTaylor
Over the Knee Boots by #BCBG

This look is so simple and cute. It’s a playful dress wear from Forever 21 that can be worn all year round by the switch of a shoe. I’ve had this dress for 5 or more years and it’s simple design allows anyone to easily dress it up or down, adding additional color tones through accessories and clothing layers to upscale this very inexpensive dress from 9 to 5 or in the evening. The over the knee gives it a nice shiny polish to direct attention in areas of length and movement of the dress rather than the price of the clothing.

Checkout my video for a fuller description!

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