An odd exchange I had where my neighbor called me after I didn’t get the chance to respond to her text message. They frantically called saying they needed to speak with me to discuss something important. And if I would be home that evening.

Well – they were literally waiting at the window to see when I arrive home. I couldn’t believe it. My mom was there and I thought OMG how weird and creepy. As soon as I walked into my home I gave the neighbor a call and can you believe they answered the phone bewildered. Asking “Who is this? I said Brittany. They said Who?” Ugh i’m thinking are you kidding me!!

Finally we got to the ask for yesterday’s call. Their son supposedly was let go from his job and as they put it “He needs to work” and therefore wanted to know if I can help him find a job. I know the look on my face was really confused, and hoping somehow I can get off this call.

I don’t know who ask a neighbor they hardly know or let alone see to give their son a job. I shared my email as this seemed to be a high priority task to fulfill and yet I heard crickets. Of course I spoke to my family about it and they thought it was crazy and the story seemed farfetched.

Well, I think they are right because the next time I saw them it was never brought up. :-/

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