OK I have to share this quick story because it is rather funny. And yet a tad odd to think that because one may be at home the entire day, they would find time to peak-a-boo constantly at the tiniest things that may go unnoticed for you but not for them.

So I was chatting with my mom, congratulating her on a recent victory. And so engrossed in the conversations as we always are I heard a knock on the door. I said wait I think that is the mailman. I went to check – oh no it was the neighbor. And that was fine but I was really deep in conversation plus my mom was crunched for time and would be leaving soon.

Well, I opened and greeted with a quick ask of how things been. Well, then I was informed that hey what’s wrong with your lights. Maybe you were out of town or you have lights on a timer but they never came on.

I said, huh, funny, because I was here and they came on for me. I mean I am actually inside the place that is being said of not having lights, lol.

Well, then the ask was, “Is it ok for me to text you when they don’t come on and that way you can tell your mom and she can run by to turn them on?”

Now the funniest part of this all is that this is the same person who when asked me to give them a call after texting me with hysteria over needing to find their son a job (I still don’t think this was true – nothing was ever mentioned again about it) and then when I called they said “Oh! Who is this?”

Well my mom scurried on out of the house and onto her destination, which made me a little like COME ON, MAN!

Maybe all of this was a way to make chit chat, small talk. Eyes roll as I walk away while shaking my head.

So I tested this innocent form of “neighborhood watch of Brittany’s house” and I didn’t receive a text.

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