Condo Water Leak Damage Update: Service Master Fixing Damage from Pipe Leak

Replacing Carpet, Drywall & Laundry Room Floor

When you have a leak and you have home owner’s insurance you’ll need to contact service master immediately and schedule an appointment for them to come out.

And for any condominium or townhouse you are required to have insurance. Not sure what happens if you don’t – maybe you forfeit ownership – but I don’t want to find out.

Once they arrive they will inspect where the damage occurred. The process seems to be that they have these huge fans running – more than one of them at a time depending on area of space and how quickly they need to have the area dried. Apparently me buying a ShopVac at the very last minute from Naperville Vaccums (Because nobody else had one available to buy in-person) did not do the trick of pulling up the water. Regardless, best investment I could have for the future.

And there’s the garage. Boy who reads their bylaws and rules of a condo, I certainly didn’t. Well apparently deep inside there’s a mention of how the condo must cover the expense cost for the damage in the garage. Glad I dodged that bullet.

But they have a stick which is pretty cool that will detect where the moisture accumulated throughout pockets of the carpet. My Claims Adjuster was out during the same time, which they and I recommend it so you know what the insurance will replace to write you a check that can cover the cost of work. In my case they have to remove the carpet and luckily All the Carpet is Getting Replaced and will be fully covered by insurance!! Next, they are taking up the floor in the laundry room and replacing parts of the drywall. Oh how exciting! See the pic right below.

After seeing this it just reminded me how diligent I have to be with reaching out to my tenants to keep the water at a certain temperature, leave the water running when it’s cold, don’t wash your clothes when the temperature will drop in the negative – matter of fact, do it the NIGHT or DAYS BEFORE.

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