There’s so many pictures I could have selected but nothing could ever exemplify my frustration and rollercoaster emotion…maybe you ask WHY? Well, why don’t I tell ya.

I’ve seen so many homes it’s not even funny. My mom and grandma are like “Dude! Be Patient!” And I’m like “Yeah, but…”

Well, there isn’t a but. The fact is I saw a house I thought was perfect until we went to see it and the basement looked like a HOUSE OF HORROR.


I was so confused at what I was seeing. It looked like someone died. I really thought a skeleton head like in the above picture or someone was going to be hiding in a left-behind nasty looking bathtub. Not to mention the smell. Oh god the smell. I normally can’t smell a darn thing but this…oh yes I smelled it. It smelled like someone died. So after I saw that I said well surely this guy doesn’t think he is going to get his asking price right? Not to mention the door leading to the downstairs basement didn’t fully close or lock. It just looked like it came with the house and no one attempted to repair it back to decent shape. And all of this within a NOT THE Greatest Neighborhood.

So not only may I not get the rent I need to make this a viable investment but I have to do something with the basement – like remodel the heck out of it to either have someone live down there or allow people to use for washing and drying their clothes. Well, personally I don’t want to live in a basement at least not that one and so I walked away from it.

Then other places I visited one woman wanted to escort me back to my car. I made sure to keep that area off my list. (Ariana Grande voice ) Thank, you – NEXT. And others people said they did a rehab.

So you thought the place look like this!

So you thought the place look like this

But it really looked like….. this!

Photoshop and lighting can really make a difference huh?

Well it looks desirable from the pictures but when you go there – no – they did crappy work. Or some things still need some sort of rehab. Some of these people I really think remodel homes/buildings on their own and resell for so much – when clearly it is not worth it.

I struck it twice so far but 3rd time has been a long down hill road. I’ll tell you more about my experience on the 2nd property.

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