Rental Property: A No Show & A Peek-a-boo Hiding House Sitter

Here’s an image for thought. I drove to I guess the southwest side of Chicago. I was so eager to go until I drove up and the agent tells me the owner wants to sell the building for little of nothing, jut take it off my hands he said. I thought hmm. Well, my grandma was with me this time and boy her looks said it all. LOL.

The worst part about it, never got the chance to look inside because one pretended to not know visitors were coming and looked disheveled while the other person never came out because they were too busy enjoying their hallucinations.

Peek-a-boo House Sitter

Never imagined I would walk through a Chicago house that is empty and looks as such but really when you start walking around inside to view the premises – you happen to find what looks to be like two bedrooms. But so odd the doors would be closed. Well, someone was hiding inside.

It was awkward because I think I had already made lewd comments about the place after walking in but now I couldn’t say anything. And who turns a basement that has a very big street like sewer hole with a cover into a bedroom. Thank god I am goofy because these places break my heart and really crack me up.

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