Rental Property: Progress on The Repair

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I’m happy to say that one progress has been made ever since the pipe leak. My tenant ha moved out and full carpet replacement is expected to happen within this coming week.

Garage has already been completed with new drywall and paint but the annoying part is that they literally only painted areas that were impacted by the leak. Nothing more than what they are obligated to cover repair wise. So I am waiting for someone to get back to me when they find the actual name of the paint used to continue the last untouched areas with new paint.

The other nightmare I witnessed well just slightly a arm of a frantic is when I saw someone did not wipe their feet off of the rug in the front door but instead tracked mud on the carpet leaving a stain. Luckily this is on the old carpet and not the new one so I have purchased booties and will lay flattened cardboard around to keep anything from being up the carpet.

But I hadn’t realized how much time could be taken away from showing to possible renters as I have to halt on showing until those repairs get competed hopefully within the next two weeks. Boy! What a busy April.


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