Whether you own a home or are renting it is important to ensure all dials are turned off from any gas-triggered appliance.

In my case no one was inside the rental property when the gas was detected. But here are some known ways to detect a gas leak:

  1. Use carbon monoxide detectors
  2. Use a handheld natural gas detector to find the source of the leak
  3. Set a radon detection test in the lowest level of your home
  4. Listen for a hissing or whistling noise near your appliances or pipes

And other ways to detect are listed in the link as well.

Needless to say I’m glad my mom was able to discover this leak. I immediately called the emergency line of my gas provider and they came over right away. They went to different ares inside the home to read the detection level: stove, fireplace, laundry room where the furnace and dryer was located. Both the dryer and furnace showed a leak. The serviceman fixed the issue which was a loose yellow connector hose behind the dryer.

Having gone through this experience I realize how crucial details are to ensure the safety of your tenant and others if you have or live in a multi-unit property.

For instance checking to make sure your carbon monoxide detectors work, or even printing out these crucial reminders and giving that info to the rentors.

Have you ever dealt with a gas leak? Was it serious enough to harm others who were present? What did you do?

Please let me know I would love to hear your feedback! Comment box below.

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