Ok, once I witnessed the after-effect of a long running pipe leak the nerves didn’t kick in until I went home so here’s 8 highlights of what happened:

  1. All evidence of pipe leak being fixed like the busted pipes and any drywall that had to be removed in order to fix the pipe was kept sealed and locked away in case insurance needs it. And boy they do!
  2. I immediately called my insurance company to give them a heads up that they would receive calls.
  3. I shared my insurance info with one of the unit owners (I found out this is a big NO-NO). Because then everyone and their “mama” (I had to say it) will try to file claims against you for things you may not be responsible for.
  4. I received numerous calls from the property manager of the condo. Asking what to do. I thought they would know but apparently we are both new at this together. Ugh, not what I was expecting!
  5. I called my insurance company frantically wondering how do I properly communicate without overstating what will be covered. Can I get a lawyer please? BTW: I did call one. Numerous to be exact stating how this was their fault – only 1 person called back and said you have insurance and to please proceed in that direction. Also all the lawyers represent the HOA so OF COURSE!
  6. I contacted my property manager and told them as instructed all tenants must file a claim and the insurance will come after mine just like any car accident – god forbid – I may not have an insurance company left to work with. I also gave the name only of my insurance company and said to google the phone number since they really needed this info.
  7. Well, it worked out because now I was properly reached by one of the tenants that incurred a loss from the values that was stored in the garage. And I gave their insurance company my insurance information.
  8. I was the informed that a bulk of the damage to the garage, which one ceiling fell on someone’s car is covered by HOA. I was happy to hear this considering management wanted to essentially make me responsible for the entire building, hence why I did Step 4. Frantically called my insurance.

Now you know what you should and should not do. Have insurance, and get in contact with your insurance immediately and tell everyone else to file a claim.

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