You’re Fired: Ending an Agent Relationship Turned Tense

Thursday I had to make a tough decision with letting someone go that I worked with for 2 years. But it was for the best. On a small scale this was simply ending a business relationship. Sometimes I’m not sure when to go with my gut or head. It was definitely facts that resolved my uncertainty. No matter what, whether career or business we all have to make tough choices.

Trust and a shared goal is key and without that you can’t progress.

I lost trust because sometimes there’s people who you think have your best interest and share your vision and other times you notice mistakes, a slowness with accuracy and clear communication.

There was also inconsistency in being honest.

I only share this because this is part of my daily situation and events I experience as I grow brittanyknows and everything underneath.

The relationship became strained with a magnifying glass highlighting all the mistakes that could have been avoided.

It’s funny because when you have a vested interest in something you instantly realize all the things that should be done in order to drive toward that goal.

Besides that being the most important list of items to do which is connect with my new agent, I must digitize my notes and ideas since they are all scattered on sticky notes and keep posting frequently. Because, at this point why not, I never know who might find an interest in my post unless I do.

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