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Ever since I left college, reading books were an after thought until I went to graduate school. Yet, still nothing could move the needle to encourage me to pick up a book and get back to reading again when it wasn’t a class assignment. I would hear so many professionals and just everyday people expressing their enthusiasm for the various novels and series they took interest in. 

Well finally my day came. Not sure if it was entirely because of Michelle’s down-to-earth personality and relatability that intrigued me more or just purely the place I was at in my life for the desire to step out my comfort zone. After I watched the interview Oprah gave with Michelle, the funny anecdotes and descriptions she shared I decided to go to Target and make my purchase.

This is a lengthy book (400 pages). That is important because the first thing I did was skim to the very last page and thought, “Ugh” It’s going to take me a while to finish this – hopefully it’s interesting, lol. Well it is. In fact, because of reading her story inspired me to move the needle even more than I thought I would. Needless to say that is some of what her story touches on. The need to work hard, for obvious reasons when you are a minority; but taking chances to step out of your comfort zone as she did when meeting Barack Obama who had a different perspective, upbringing and structure then she had with how she moved through and lived life. I’ll provide my final short summary when I finish. Until then, I encourage you to do the same and purchase her book. Every experience through my upbringing and the characteristics of my family members triggered when reading about hers.

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  1. I cant wait until you finish so i can find out more about her life, being a Chicago person. I’m sure as a black women it was not easy.

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