A Star is Born

I like Lady Gaga, I’ve followed her since she first came out. And I like Bradley Cooper as an actor. But, in no way is this movie a real Oscar contender.

It seemed like something was missing and the story felt a bit rushed through. I do not think this movie should have been 2 hours long. And Lady Gaga seemed to show a lot more emotion in this film then Bradley Cooper ever had.

For those of you who are curious to know what this movie is about I wondered if it might mirror the actual lift story or experience of Lady Gaga. This story line is a bit typical where a girl who has great talent is looking for her big break. She finally does after she’s encouraged to sing at venues where she is then discovered by a manager at a record label. Her husband’s career is not doing so well partly because of his drinking and the rest can be predicted on how this story ends up.

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