Dragged Across Boredom: Movie Review – Dragged Across Concrete

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I was a bit shocked because I wasn’t included in the decision of renting this movie, but here we go, I gave it a try.

Honestly, I am not sure what is going on with Vince Vaughn. I really think he is a funny guy and if I know he is in a movie I’m more inclined to watch it. But this movie didn’t seem to fit him.

And not only that his side kick in this role was Mel Gibson. I know he played opposite Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon because I saw all of them if I remember correctly and they were good.

But this movie was nothing like that. Firstly, it moves slow and not just any slow there are times where I feel like there’s just two guys sitting in silence dragging out meaningless conversation for what reason I am not sure.

On top of that I thought, huh I hadn’t seen Vince Vaughn in any films for a while let me head over to IMBD to see what he been up to. Is he directing, is he directing this movie?

Turns out he didn’t produce this movie – not familiar with the guy who did but I wish he hadn’t casted Vince Vaughn because this isn’t his cup of tea really.

Now I must admit – he received backlash when playing in True Detective although I thought he did well. So maybe he is following the same choice for roles.

Anyway this movie is about 2 cops who were filmed being a bit too aggressive to a suspect while staking out on the outside stairwell by his window. When I say aggressive I mean Mel Gibson placed his foot on the suspect’s head and pushed it quite hard against the metal flooring.

They were relieved of their duty/suspended. Mel Gibson had a wife with MS and daughter who kept getting picked on by the neighbors in a changing neighborhood. Vince Vaughn had a long time girlfriend he wanted to marry.

A guy was going around robbing convenient stores and somehow Mel Gibson came up with the idea to rob a set of robbers they had been following, who coincidentally were in the middle of robbing a bank when they drove past their vehicle and it so happen to partly be one of the guys who recently robbed a convenient store.

Mel Gibson really wanted to change the life of his family. They tailed the robbers for miles.

When they managed to finally catch up with the robbers in a secluded and remote place, only 1 person survived and it was neither of the cops especially since Vince Vaughn died after listening to the voicemail his wife left when he proposed by directing her via phone to pull an urgent item out of his coat pocket. We will never know if she said Yes or No. The consensus was split on this one.

It was an odd movie. Picture someone lying right underneath an oil leaking car but spends 10min while his rifle is in front of him talking about how he is going to shoot and where before it actually happens with a missed target. Eye Roll please!

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