The CloveHitch Killer

The CloveHitch Killer
The CloveHitch Killer #dylanmcdermott

Sometimes I pick a movie by reading its description. Other times I go off the cover and there’s the rare occasion I go off the name.

Well for this movie I went off the name and when I started watching I kind of wished I had just read the description. So without really describing how I felt, here is my review.

This movie was about a guy who may have been the dad or the uncle of this boy, which became a little confusing but I guess we learned it was his father. Turns out the son stumbled upon a side fetish his dad has in the middle of him trying to get it on with his high school interest in the car (I don’t think they were dating). Well, when the girl interest saw this too – they didn’t make out in fact and she ran for the hills after that.

Rumors spread and now the son is stuck wondering if there’ some truth with what he saw. Well, yes there is and it’s pretty bad. So the whole movie was spent (and I checked the remaining movie time 3 seperate times) manipulating the son into thinking what he saw wasn’t true. The son wanted to turn him in when he actually helped get rid of the evidence and a girl that no one at the school liked became the only friend for the son and helped him realize that his father had been lying. And finally the movie ended with pain for one person and guilt for another and a whole lot of unanswered questions for others.

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