The First Man

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I have to say while this movie was great to see the story behind the first man landing on the moon – unless Neil Armstrong really had this personality I don’t think Ryan Gosling did a great job portraying.

His character was not believable. The emotion he attempted to display – a distant unemotional dad just didn’t work well for me.

Besides that the saddest part was watching Neil’s friends die around him. All such smart and dedicated engineers racing against Russia and other countries for an American to step foot first on the moon. Yet during each trial or test launch people died because of technical issues that would later improve the launch of the spaceship to reduce loss of life while in space.

It was a slight tear jerker. Men risking their lives to fly into space and land on the moon but Neil was right we’ve gotten the chance to see something unspeakable, be exposed to another layer of existence we wouldn’t have known staying inside of earth. It’s really amazing to see how much we have achieved, pushed ourselves and curiosity to seek out beyond the norm and what is in front of us.

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