The Long Dumb Road

The Long Dumb Road
The Long Dumb Road

Ok the supporting character in the movie (although he seemed like more of the main) was very annoying and just constantly screwed up everything for a hungry artist trying to make it to LA to attend his first day of college, an art school.

The supporting actor is an aggressive and overly tempered person, it seems like an odd fitting for a shy, laid-back quiet individual looking to just capture the essence of people through a camera lens.

This movie is funny just has an annoying character. But haven’t you ever felt like you randomly met someone just because you were at the right place or wrong place at the wrong time. Somehow you get sucked into all of their chaotic being that you end up having one of the worst day or days ever and you spend a long time just trying to get rid of them? Yeah well this movie was kind of about that. There were some minor lessons to be learned for the quiet, shy character.

In fact, I remember a random woman approached me and my mom at a bus stop and we drove her around all over town (not by choice). Oh god we couldn’t wait to get her to her destination and out of the car. Lesson learned – don’t pick up strangers, lol.

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