The Mule

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I had to watch twice because I was multi-tasking. And before that I had hesitation about renting this movie because, maybe its just me but Clint Eastwood seems grumpy lately. Now don’t get me wrong I really like Clint Eastwood, I have seen a lot of his cowboy movies – maybe it’s just old age that is getting to him.

This movie will certainly have your eye watery. An elder man on the brink of unfortunate loss and homelessness is offered an opportunity to turn things around by driving cross-country to deliver illegal shipments.

The amount of money he made per route allowed him to repurchase his foreclosed home, help his granddaughter and buy a new vehicle.

A life of guilt and regret of how little time he spent with his family caught up to him. He was wanted by the FBI but little did they know he would be the person transporting illegal cargo at large quantities. I think mainly because he was taken advantage of due to his age and kindness. It’s quite an engaging tale to follow.

This movie is based on a true story.

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