This movie was really good. The moment I heard one of the host at the SAG awards make fun of the fact Glenn Close was playing a role as “The Wife”, I thought I should check this out.

When they say behind every man is a good woman well this couldn’t be further from the truth. A “King Maker” she called herself. A brilliant wordsmith. Yet her husband reaped all the accolades and rewards because during the early times they wouldn’t publish the writings of women.

He even won a Nobel Peace Prize.

But one of the more interesting parts, was the ending and how everything unraveled. And then there’s the annoyingly lurking biographer!

Very suspenseful story.

BTW there seems to be many cases of where this happened. Like if you ever watched the story of Albert Einstein on the History Channel, you’ll learn that if it wasn’t for his brilliant wife with all the ideas, he wouldn’t have developed his theory.

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