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If you like creepy, scary movies that leaves out certain details on why and how everything happened, this is perfect!

Now Lupita Nyong’o and Elizabeth Moss are the two most recognizable actors in this film. And this movie is just that creepy enough to be as good as any classical horror film with a more modern twist. The soundtrack was really good by the way with snippets of NWA and my favorite song being played “I got 5 on it”.

The movie opened with a slow buildup of a girl seeing a real life version of her reflection, which left her traumatized. Fast forward to her new life of marriage and kids she secretly feels as though this reflection, her shadow will come back to haunt her. Well, she couldn’t have been more right because her shadow along with her husband and 2 kids’ shadow came to their vacation home to hurt them.

Could you imagine a copy of yourself existing just to kill you. Well this happened to everyone across the city. And their copy acted quite stranger than them. One of the things I loved about this film was that Lupita spoke in this strange voice as if she was a zombie. You know how in most zombie movies they sound like they are yelling in a screeching high-pitched voice, well she did the same, pretty cool to hear.

I did feel as though there were times it dragged on and created that “awkward silence” moment. That occurred a little bit throughout a few scenes. I still don’t understand how the copies were created but it was a 10:25pm show so I will just blame it on that.

I like Jordan Peel and this was very creative as I saw reviews mentioning and you should definently check it out.

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