Take It Easy Song Can Be Your Meal Ticket To Greatness

This song popped in my head while taking a 10 mile walk.

Life is quite funny with the methods and ways it chooses to teach you life lessons. Especially with my career and entrepreneurship efforts.

But, sometimes we all just need to take a backseat and just enjoy the beautiful life ahead. Seeing what is in front of us.

I took this picture on my way returning home from work. And just thought how beautiful life is. No matter what your situation may be, still, life itself is beautiful and the more we take the time to appreciate, how simpler situations become.

I constantly have to be aware, watching, listening and it’s not easy from a business perspective because people are not always having best intentions, but that’s what happens.

Regardless, consuming myself with the what ifs or the more dimmer side of things will only make it difficult to push ahead to greater things.

I am actually most creative when walking and letting the universe speak to me. Being open minded and accepting to the habits and flow movement of nature really helps add this calming energy.

I instantly forget all the stacks of responsibilities and tasks I must complete.

That’s how life should be. Worry-free. And the more I embrace those calming times, especially as my life coach has said , it really helps create a clearer mind.

Lights, Camera, Action Isn’t Only For Actors: Career Tip

💡 📷 📖 …Lights, Camera, Study. 🙃yeah I know, silly, but hear my reason:

Because your 9 to 5 is just that…Being ready for any moment and ready to learn in order to advise and guide others!

Think about it. We get up, attempt to look our best, because some days we really have to try when there’s so much going on outside of work. And the moment we walk through the door we put on our office happy face. Although some people as they get older really don’t care, lol. And hey I guess I would agree with that.

But really you are putting on a face for the camera, an audience of executives, an audience of individuals you are competing against, and you have to work with in teams.

No one is exactly the same person they show at work and outside of work.

And then the kicker for Study, you have to be ready for an on the spot question or moment to answer and provide a solution either on a 1:1 or a conversation taking place in front of a bigger audience.

When I say study you are literally needing to observe and be aware of behaviors, wants and the request of many to be able to respond with the appropriate answer.

So take that food for thought. Come on guys. Two words of that motto is shared by #extratv ha. Remember, B. Styled 😋

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Check the Stats: My Pre Work Morning Routine

👀My pre-work Morning Routine:

👩🏾‍🏫1. Checking the stats so I know whether to pivot or remain steady!

But isn’t that the 🔑 to life? Comment if you agree.

Knowing when to jump ship 🚢 if it’s not right for you or remain anchored if it is, although knowing when to stay can at times be the hardest thing to identify.

Well that is what I have to determine on an hourly 🌗and daily basis.

But it’s how you learn and grow! That’s why it is important to observe. The better you become at observing and understanding the easier it is to make the next best decision🤗

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BrittanyKnows Update: Having Mentors

It is certainly not easy being an entrepreneur – no matter what it entails.

I’ve been quite busy these days trying to create a backlog of content and videos and improving the look and content of my video posts.

What works, what doesn’t resonate with the audience. At the same time – also attempting to revamp my website which is why it says under construction if you have been to the home page.

What else can I say? Luckily I have 2 mentors. Hopefully meeting them again in the next few days can help me centralize my focus and plan. So far they have been raising questions or situations I hadn’t thought about yet. Next up is to set deadlines for when to continue a certain path or idea or cut it completely.

De-stressing My Way to Mississippi: Peace, livestock and a Calming Mind

Took a trip down to the south because I need to de-stress with all the changes I am looking to make. And of course, as impatient as I am it’s not happening fast enough.

By now I should be a few pounds lighter but I am struggling to find an alternative stress outlet than ice cream.

So, here I am, in Mississippi and you guessed it, I made sure to buy a pack of ice cream bars. But at least I know being down here with my grandmother will keep me extremely busy. Continue reading “De-stressing My Way to Mississippi: Peace, livestock and a Calming Mind”

Starting Brittany Knows: Brittany Knows Update – And God Said Let there be Light

Talking about recent changes and updates I have gone through to refine and building out the brittanyknows brand by buying new equipment.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more info on travel, business, real estate and more.

Bear Cubs & Swimming Moose in Glacier National Park

Seeing Glaciers in-person you can certainly have a greater appreciation for their purpose. Temperatures were cold but it didn’t stop construction on roads causing traffic to get clogged.

We had to fly into Washington then take a road trip over to Glacier National Park. Arriving during the day after some midnight driving our immediate picturesque moment was seeing Bears.

The hiking was not strenuous so if you are a hiking enthusiast like me you’ll be slightly let down. We did manage to hike up steep mountains to get an aerial view of the park, which turned out to be very beautiful. Overall, I enjoyed visiting here – there was so much to do: hike, gain weight on the yummy waffles and buffet-style breakfast, spend an hour trying to capture a lightning strike on camera (of course the photo is missing, ugh – If I do find i will post), see hidden waterfalls, kayak while seeing a swimming moose, or you can do like this one guy did ski from the top of a steep cliff on a glacier (the last two pics). I was so stunned like others we didn’t capture this in real-time…such a bummer. I’ll let you look at some of the nice shots we took.

Go On Honey, Take a Chance!

I love this scene from Coming to America! I recite these lines all the time with my mom. And we constantly laugh about it and live by it. It’s important to me because I believe these words are key to any success. And with that I bring to you my new website: BrittanyKnows.com! Please follow along with me as I share funny, and guiding information. As we are all only limited by the knowledge we don’t know but any that can be shared to help us can go a long way. So please provide your comments, hit like, subscribe and follow my FB Page as I continue to make regular post and grow and bring you all along to grow with me!


Winter WorkWear: Styling a Simple Black Dress w/ a Cropped Jacket

A simple transition piece to transition from day to night. An above the knee length Black Dress with an Orange Cropped Jacket that can add sophistication for work and an elegant evening after work.

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Partial Video Review: Michelle Obama – Becoming

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