Taking A Right Turn Could Be The Best Decision You Almost Missed

So enamored 🥰 with this waterfall fountain I might have almost missed if I hadn’t turned right and took time to see its details.

But that’s how life is. If you don’t bother to veer from a routined path or take an alternate route – you won’t know what is waiting for you on the other side. Offering a memorable and exciting yet sometimes nerve-wracking experience.

It pays to be observant and be curious because curiosity is what will only drive your performance and your thinking. Curiosity is what fuels my ability even to know what my capabilities are…testing out new areas or projects, methods or industries even.

It’s what sets you apart and makes you YOU!

Remember, B. Styled😋

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Self-Building: Nurturing and Pruning Yourself

🚗 Ever drive past a place and spot a neat photo op location 🎯 that teaches you about self nurturing?

🙋🏾‍♀️Well I did and it was nearby my home. Such a bright orangy flower bed arranged so neatly, which you could imagine takes time to create and maintain just like you and me.

I’m not perfect all the time but the more I work on nurturing and ridding the things that would only stunt my growth I blossom into my true intended self😁😁🤗.

I nurture by learning and reading. This year alone is the most I have read books besides reading news articles from different outlets.

In an older post I mentioned my reading vice is motivation and inspirational stories. All different but feeds my mental.

Without that I couldn’t constantly adapt in the workplace and outside of it.

Next, reducing negative thoughts. This is a tough one because I know it’s so easy to harp on things when they have really struck an irritable chord. So I’m always reverting back to just think or visualize BrittanyKnows and it helps me restart my mood.

Lastly, being more greatful. I am soooo greatful I have a home that has really been the glue or major factor to spark all the creativity that I once lacked and desired for in order to make a move into entrepreneurship. And I’m also greatful for those who share bits of advice or nothingness information that turns into helpful actionable advice later.

How about you? Comment below👇🏾

Remember, B. Styled 😋

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Take It Easy Song Can Be Your Meal Ticket To Greatness

This song popped in my head while taking a 10 mile walk.

Life is quite funny with the methods and ways it chooses to teach you life lessons. Especially with my career and entrepreneurship efforts.

But, sometimes we all just need to take a backseat and just enjoy the beautiful life ahead. Seeing what is in front of us.

I took this picture on my way returning home from work. And just thought how beautiful life is. No matter what your situation may be, still, life itself is beautiful and the more we take the time to appreciate, how simpler situations become.

I constantly have to be aware, watching, listening and it’s not easy from a business perspective because people are not always having best intentions, but that’s what happens.

Regardless, consuming myself with the what ifs or the more dimmer side of things will only make it difficult to push ahead to greater things.

I am actually most creative when walking and letting the universe speak to me. Being open minded and accepting to the habits and flow movement of nature really helps add this calming energy.

I instantly forget all the stacks of responsibilities and tasks I must complete.

That’s how life should be. Worry-free. And the more I embrace those calming times, especially as my life coach has said , it really helps create a clearer mind.

Lights, Camera, Action Isn’t Only For Actors: Career Tip

💡 📷 📖 …Lights, Camera, Study. 🙃yeah I know, silly, but hear my reason:

Because your 9 to 5 is just that…Being ready for any moment and ready to learn in order to advise and guide others!

Think about it. We get up, attempt to look our best, because some days we really have to try when there’s so much going on outside of work. And the moment we walk through the door we put on our office happy face. Although some people as they get older really don’t care, lol. And hey I guess I would agree with that.

But really you are putting on a face for the camera, an audience of executives, an audience of individuals you are competing against, and you have to work with in teams.

No one is exactly the same person they show at work and outside of work.

And then the kicker for Study, you have to be ready for an on the spot question or moment to answer and provide a solution either on a 1:1 or a conversation taking place in front of a bigger audience.

When I say study you are literally needing to observe and be aware of behaviors, wants and the request of many to be able to respond with the appropriate answer.

So take that food for thought. Come on guys. Two words of that motto is shared by #extratv ha. Remember, B. Styled 😋

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Mastering the Skill Of Being A People Watcher

Master the skill of 👀 people watching. 
By simply saying nothing and listen to what others have to say, you’ll learn more about them because they will be more inclined to speak more to make up for your lack in participation. 
1. They’re personality style
2. Their emotional opinion about their work
3. Body language when others speak or mention a certain topic or point
4. Personal life
5. Protocol for decision-making

These are all key areas to identify and allows you to sharpen your ability to analyze in order to make an effective contribution and identify key stakeholders to speak to.

Sink or Swim: First Day on the Job

Congrats to landing a great role! Now it’s time to make sure your first-day impression is a lasting one. Watch 4 helpful tips to ensure you swim.

Since training and orientation are limited these days, some believe it or not no matter what age don’t know the protocol or how critical the first day is.

From being enthusiastic and ready to roll up your sleeve, there’s a lot of expectation on most professionals now, and because there is, you have a limited window to win people over and prove your worth.

Preparing for First Day on the Job

In your career, maintaining a good impression from the time of interviewing to starting your first day is crucial because it reminds them of the good decision they made to hire you.

I have shared 4 tips that are key to putting your best foot forward:

#1 Wear flats or Pumps

Often you are given a tour and depending on size of campus you may be required to put in a lot of walking time.

#2 Wear a blazer

Making a good impression matters, especially when meeting individuals of varied roles and backgrounds or even senior leadership.

#3 Wear cotton blouse

Staying swat-free is key, the last thing you want is to have a sweat stain at the wrong time on your first day.

#4 Wear little to no jewelry

You never know what they’ll have you doing on the first day, so avoid the worry of messing up your jewelry if you have to life boxes for a number of reasons.

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Video Introduction: Polishing BrittanyKnows & Testing My New Look

So, I realized I never formally introduced myself and explained to people why I started this journey in the proper way.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on many thing and this is one of them. A new look I am testing.

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Where’s My Air Time? Dressing for An Interview to Land that Dream Job!

I remember when I was in high school I always put my best foot forward, regarding my attire for an interview. Plus my mom made sure of it, lol. I knew the culture was to dress very formal and appear executive-like. Well, it certainly helped over the years because I remember later on hearing awful stories of people appearing at an interview like they were at a beach or didn’t bother to wear the appropriate jacket.

Here’s the thing, you want to set the mood, the tone of the conversation. But if your appearance gives the impression you don’t care, well, how do you think the rest of the interview will go? Continue reading “Where’s My Air Time? Dressing for An Interview to Land that Dream Job!”

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