SNEAK PEEK! Growing A Business – Starting with Motivational Merchandise

Is the saying Good Things Come to Those Who Try!

Click below for the sneak peek 🙂

I am surrounded by examples of these individuals: my family, my partner – he along with all the women and men in my family gave efforts to various initiatives regardless of not knowing or not having capital or knowledge. They just did it! Continue reading “SNEAK PEEK! Growing A Business – Starting with Motivational Merchandise”

Check the Stats: My Pre Work Morning Routine

👀My pre-work Morning Routine:

👩🏾‍🏫1. Checking the stats so I know whether to pivot or remain steady!

But isn’t that the 🔑 to life? Comment if you agree.

Knowing when to jump ship 🚢 if it’s not right for you or remain anchored if it is, although knowing when to stay can at times be the hardest thing to identify.

Well that is what I have to determine on an hourly 🌗and daily basis.

But it’s how you learn and grow! That’s why it is important to observe. The better you become at observing and understanding the easier it is to make the next best decision🤗

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Sink or Swim: First Day on the Job

Congrats to landing a great role! Now it’s time to make sure your first-day impression is a lasting one. Watch 4 helpful tips to ensure you swim.

Since training and orientation are limited these days, some believe it or not no matter what age don’t know the protocol or how critical the first day is.

From being enthusiastic and ready to roll up your sleeve, there’s a lot of expectation on most professionals now, and because there is, you have a limited window to win people over and prove your worth.

Preparing for First Day on the Job

In your career, maintaining a good impression from the time of interviewing to starting your first day is crucial because it reminds them of the good decision they made to hire you.

I have shared 4 tips that are key to putting your best foot forward:

#1 Wear flats or Pumps

Often you are given a tour and depending on size of campus you may be required to put in a lot of walking time.

#2 Wear a blazer

Making a good impression matters, especially when meeting individuals of varied roles and backgrounds or even senior leadership.

#3 Wear cotton blouse

Staying swat-free is key, the last thing you want is to have a sweat stain at the wrong time on your first day.

#4 Wear little to no jewelry

You never know what they’ll have you doing on the first day, so avoid the worry of messing up your jewelry if you have to life boxes for a number of reasons.

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Quote of the day: DON’T STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

Ever thought about not going after your career goals? 🙋🏾‍♀️When it comes to your career you can’t stop what you’re doing. In fact, I had many people tell me I couldn’t accomplish certain things just for me to go out and accomplish it anyway. 🌸😋Take for an example when you swipe right you probably thought what is this image? Well I wasn’t a strong writer and even worse I wanted to work in Public Relations after college. 📇

Well I knew I needed to improve on this skill and then I had the thought that maybe I should become a freelance writer back when i just graduated. I built essentially a spreadsheet of all the editors and contacts at various publications asking if I could contribute. A few answered and then it happened. I certainly had many no’s and some changed my wordings.

But it taught me that anything is possible and to keep doing what I am doing. If you want to get practice by doing a certain job or you want to have a certain role – to others it may seem like you shouldn’t do it but to the right person…Don’t stop and Don’t Stop What You’re Doing! 😀 great motivation song that I loved! I found this when I redid my office and am thinking of blowing it up as a reminder to what I went through back then!


Gummies to Aid My Daily Health Routine for 30 Days

I kind of enjoy the whole unboxing experience when you receive shipment in the mail.

But this delivery was from @tamijames_who is a great life coach helping me get re-centered and focus on my exercise during this 30 day challenge. She is also my former coworker ha!

She actually sent me a goodie package ahead of the vitamin gummies I was expecting to receive.

On top of that within the 0 day challenge are a set of guiding task to follow, like not eating dairy and meditating.

I think I have narrowed down what I will do and one of them is meditating. It has been so helpful for me because I used to do it but now I am trying to make it an important activity before work each day.

Launching Step to Your Next Career

Now, this look I absolutely love because it’s a reminder that you have to show up willing to look the part to occupy your dream job.

In case you hadn’t seen the post – here’s 3 style options to wear to an interview.

If you were to live in clutter it has a natural effect to hamper your ability to think and focus. But when your space is clear and clean much like your appearance it does wonder to your overall attitude and character.

So, if you are headed to a meeting or interview where the need to impress is a must, lighten up and dress your best. And remember the moment you walk out the door is your next step to a career changing moment.

Book Review: The Pay Off Can Take Years, But Great Dreams Require Hard-work & Constant Nourishment

I believe in following your passion, heck that is what I am doing. It doesn’t come easy, certainly never does for me.

But what is even more inspiring is hearing Jeff Kinney’s story, the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

He loved drawing and wanted to ultimately have his character published. And every time he would take on other jobs or careers they only became a distraction for his true calling. Continue reading “Book Review: The Pay Off Can Take Years, But Great Dreams Require Hard-work & Constant Nourishment”

It’s a Friday Workday – Ugh Isn’t this a Holiday Weekend?

Now I am kidding about this one although my grandma called and said, Hey are you guys coming to visit for the holiday…I said, grandma I don’t have Friday off, lol.

Well, here it is Friday. All I can think about is the weekend and how nice it is and I wish I could just hang around outside enjoying the weather instead of being stuck indoors at work. Continue reading “It’s a Friday Workday – Ugh Isn’t this a Holiday Weekend?”

BrittanyKnows Career: My Work Mug Shot

There’s good and bad days at work.

But when you can have fun and enjoy laughter with more than just yourself it is a good feeling and sometimes needs recognition.

We turned a bit of a friction about a project into something lighthearted, hence my mugshot.

Continue reading “BrittanyKnows Career: My Work Mug Shot”

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