Happy Hour Turned Tim the Toolman Yard Worker

Alright, listen up! I’m not sure what happened over the past few weeks, but ever since we received all of the rain and I was still trying to determine what flowers would sprout from the property I bought in the winter time, I opted to not cut any of my flowers.

Well, that was a mistake because my yard turned into a freaking forest. I couldn’t believe it.

You would think, even though I walk in and out my house – right past the most visible area that shows the height of my grass, I would know my grass needs to be cut.

Well, apparently not. Continue reading “Happy Hour Turned Tim the Toolman Yard Worker”

Nosey Neighbor: Who wears a skirt cutting grass?

Ok before you go thinking, yes I wore a skirt. A flowy skirt that is so easy to pull up and off I would have a world record with how fast I can get ready to get outside to cut grass even though it is the last thing I want to do.

Here’s the thing I didn’t have any spare pants nor did I feel like wasting maybe 10 minutes to search when I knew I was on a time crunch to beat the rain.

So here I am cutting the grass – I do wave and or speak when I see people. But I’m also zoned out to get this done. Continue reading “Nosey Neighbor: Who wears a skirt cutting grass?”

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