SNEAK PEEK! Growing A Business – Starting with Motivational Merchandise

Is the saying Good Things Come to Those Who Try!

Click below for the sneak peek 🙂

I am surrounded by examples of these individuals: my family, my partner – he along with all the women and men in my family gave efforts to various initiatives regardless of not knowing or not having capital or knowledge. They just did it! Continue reading “SNEAK PEEK! Growing A Business – Starting with Motivational Merchandise”

Check the Stats: My Pre Work Morning Routine

👀My pre-work Morning Routine:

👩🏾‍🏫1. Checking the stats so I know whether to pivot or remain steady!

But isn’t that the 🔑 to life? Comment if you agree.

Knowing when to jump ship 🚢 if it’s not right for you or remain anchored if it is, although knowing when to stay can at times be the hardest thing to identify.

Well that is what I have to determine on an hourly 🌗and daily basis.

But it’s how you learn and grow! That’s why it is important to observe. The better you become at observing and understanding the easier it is to make the next best decision🤗

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