Why are people sharing a lane with me while driving – I’m inches away from seeing your phone screen from my car!

Cairo, Egypt city traffic

Ok yesterday I was driving and out of nowhere some random guy is driving in the lane with me. I could practically see the screen of his cellphone if I had looked any harder and wasn’t so shocked and pissed. I didn’t know which emotion to display first. And it reminded me of all the crazy driving I experienced while in Egypt – and all the countries in Africa. Except this time there is snow on the ground. Maybe he was from there I don’t know. He drove in my far right lane and then seconds later made a left turn. “…what”. Who does that?

What if I tried to avoid a slippery spot or a pothole? We all know there’s plenty of those lurking around. Complete mayhem. No one obviously believes in looking for a dotted white line to tell you what area in the road to stay in while driving.

This picture above is what it looks like day and night when riding through traffic with no lines. And oddly enough I never saw anyone get in an accident….it was like bumper car city with no bumping.

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