SNEAK PEEK! Growing A Business – Starting with Motivational Merchandise

Is the saying Good Things Come to Those Who Try!

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I am surrounded by examples of these individuals: my family, my partner – he along with all the women and men in my family gave efforts to various initiatives regardless of not knowing or not having capital or knowledge. They just did it! Continue reading “SNEAK PEEK! Growing A Business – Starting with Motivational Merchandise”

Mastering the Skill Of Being A People Watcher

Master the skill of 👀 people watching. 
By simply saying nothing and listen to what others have to say, you’ll learn more about them because they will be more inclined to speak more to make up for your lack in participation. 
1. They’re personality style
2. Their emotional opinion about their work
3. Body language when others speak or mention a certain topic or point
4. Personal life
5. Protocol for decision-making

These are all key areas to identify and allows you to sharpen your ability to analyze in order to make an effective contribution and identify key stakeholders to speak to.

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