A movie Filled with Wigs & Fraud & Complete Ridiculousness: Movie Review – J.T. Leroy

OMG this is one of the silliest movies ever.

Based on a true story. A woman book author wrote a story about a fictional character who’s life was based on her actual life events.

She decided to have her sister-in-law pretend to be the male character of the book, J.T. Leroy. This was helping the author create fan fare, new circles of friends with celebrities and a way to promote her band she had with her husband.

Unfortunately, she picked the wrong woman to be J.T. The wigs were never convincing when she wore them in public and in fact they were women wigs with long tresses.

And worst of all, an actress set to play the mother of J.T. in a movie had a liking for Kristen Stewart who played J.T. But turns out she really didn’t like her not to mention she realized J.T. was actually a girl when she tried to hook up with her, but all she wanted was rights to the movie.

J.T. couldn’t manage to keep her emotions out of it, her speaking voice was inconsistent with how the author spoke over the phone as J.T., and J.T. didn’t show a consistent look in public revealing him to be a woman, a fraud.

The author and the J.T. character eventually got caught as people saw her in public and put the pictures together.

This encouraged the author to come out and tell her story as J.T. instead of hiding behind someone else.

In the end Kristen Stewart, who played J.T. moved to NY to become a writer and the book author regained her following. Funny quote in movie was the author told Kristen Stewart, just because you played a writer doesn’t mean you are one. I suppose she is right although earlier in the movie she encouraged her to step out her comfort zone and to be different.

Review: The Nutcracker


I heard this movie was not good and had bad reviews during the time it came out. But I didn’t remember that when I saw it available for rent and of course with Morgan Freeman I was geeked to watch.

Well, he had like a 90 second cameo and I don’t recall seeing him again. Continue reading “Review: The Nutcracker”

Review: If Beale Street Could Talk

Hmm, what can I say about this movie. It was very good, relatable because of the story and message they were capturing. I did cry at one moment and I didn’t expect the storyline to be what it was and it’s fine because I definitely wanted to see this movie for some time and this movie well deserved the award it won during award season.

The story was about a group of black kids who were far enough away to witness but not be involved in a shooting-murder that took place during the day in New York. Continue reading “Review: If Beale Street Could Talk”

Review: Escape at Dannemora

#benstiller #ecapeatdannemora #deltoro #patriciaarquette

Talk about being on the edge of your seat – I was on the edge of annoyance.

This movie perfectly exemplified the stupidity and thoughtless actions that destroys ones life in a split of a second.

I’ve never heard of Dannemora, NY as I’m sure most hadn’t until we were all bombarded on the news by the zest to capture 2 escaped prisoners. Continue reading “Review: Escape at Dannemora”

The Mule

#themule #clinteastwood

I had to watch twice because I was multi-tasking. And before that I had hesitation about renting this movie because, maybe its just me but Clint Eastwood seems grumpy lately. Now don’t get me wrong I really like Clint Eastwood, I have seen a lot of his cowboy movies – maybe it’s just old age that is getting to him.

This movie will certainly have your eye watery. An elder man on the brink of unfortunate loss and homelessness is offered an opportunity to turn things around by driving cross-country to deliver illegal shipments. Continue reading “The Mule”

Crown Heights

#crownheights #LakeithStanfield #BrianTyreeHenry 

Watery eyes the moment a kid was found guilty of a murder he did not commit. Even sadder that he spent decades in prison maintaining his innocence but his brother never gave up. With perseverance his brother’s conviction was overturned and set free. I recommend watching this and it’s available on Netflix. And if you haven’t I recommend watching… Continue reading “Crown Heights”

Instant Family

Instant Family Movie
#InstantFamilyMovie #MarkWahlberg #RoseByrne

I enjoyed this movie. Hilarious and sarcastic heavy.

This movie takes you through the journey of 2 perfect people who want to become parents by adopting a child. Unfortunately, the one child they liked and had a connection with actually had 2 younger siblings. Boy, they were a handful.


Continue reading “Instant Family”


#miawasikowska #piercing

Besides this movie moving a bit low – the actor was poisoned and let’s just say there was desired S&M that never took place but only in hallucination. There was a headless bug that also crawled inside him during this hallucination. And a woman hired to be an escort turned out to be more crazier than the wanna be serial killer actor who met his match and was tortured I’m assuming as payback for initially wanting to do the same to her.

The Favourite

Well this was odd. Although the main character was just as funny as she was accepting her Oscar award, which made me even more eager to watch this – the storyline was quite different than what I expected.

Be ready my friends for a queen with a hidden lesbian-thirst. I thought the movie would be similar to the funny Love & Friendship starring Kate Beckinsale but not quite. The movie was focused on a young bisexual, eager to out desire the current love interest of the queen for power all while manipulating and making the queen immobile and mentally inequipped to make decisions. How exhausting…

The CloveHitch Killer

The CloveHitch Killer
The CloveHitch Killer #dylanmcdermott

Sometimes I pick a movie by reading its description. Other times I go off the cover and there’s the rare occasion I go off the name.

Well for this movie I went off the name and when I started watching I kind of wished I had just read the description. So without really describing how I felt, here is my review. Continue reading “The CloveHitch Killer”

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