Taking A Right Turn Could Be The Best Decision You Almost Missed

So enamored 🥰 with this waterfall fountain I might have almost missed if I hadn’t turned right and took time to see its details.

But that’s how life is. If you don’t bother to veer from a routined path or take an alternate route – you won’t know what is waiting for you on the other side. Offering a memorable and exciting yet sometimes nerve-wracking experience.

It pays to be observant and be curious because curiosity is what will only drive your performance and your thinking. Curiosity is what fuels my ability even to know what my capabilities are…testing out new areas or projects, methods or industries even.

It’s what sets you apart and makes you YOU!

Remember, B. Styled😋

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Why Not Just Be You -Black Girl Magic on Empty: Joining BrownSkinGirlChallenge

After watching Lion King, which I thought a better job could have been done, I came across a challenge that Beyonce has started: #BrownSkinGirlChallenge and in a slight way reminded me of my next video I am releasing, which is all about building my confidence.

In speaking for myself and not over generalizing, it took years for me to build self confidence. From the names I was called by other students and the feeling of being the odd man left out, I began to believe those negative feelings others had towards me.

But, luckily it also pushed me to be better and work hard even when I felt like I had run out of gas and my black girl magic was on empty.

In fact, I never knew of that term until a few years when it was said on BET. I was busy trying to be like others to be accepted when I was younger when really you will never get accepted whether you conform or not, so why not – just be you?

Well, I am me. I can’t act any more black or less than I truly can. I love who I am because if we were all the same – we’d all race to find something different. So I opt to be that. Different, which helps fuel my individualism and passion for creativity.

So it’s not just a #brownskingirlchallenge it’s a #justbeyouchallenge

Be on the lookout for my next video later end of this week!

-Remember, B. Styled 🙂

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