Starting Brittany Knows: Entrepreneur To-do List

Well, moving at the speed of light is no joke. You have all these ideas, well I do but then acting upon them at the right time is key.

However, then those ideas you find require all these additional cost related to making it come to life, protecting and ultimately selling them to potential customers.

I’m telling you there are certain steps I just didn’t know I had to account for. I guess because when you’re a small business you think with a small mindset about not needing certain items because you’re not big enough.

When in reality that is exactly why you need consultation and legal documentation to protect you in order for you to size up and not face litigation or someone stealing your brand, your ideas – preventing you from becoming bigger or scaling up.

So – here we are. Sometimes I think what if I hadn’t been saving for a rainy day, how will I fund my ideas and push forward to take a chance on me. Not sure if I could answer that because the last thing I would want to do is take out a loan, although I am sure that if all goes well I will be in need of one.

On the better side I am glad I have developed enough creativity to spark all the possible topics I could cover this year and next. It’s not easy to be creative and it’s even harder turning the crazy things I run into – into a good entertaining story or video.

SNEAK PEEK! Growing A Business – Starting with Motivational Merchandise

Is the saying Good Things Come to Those Who Try!

Click below for the sneak peek 🙂

I am surrounded by examples of these individuals: my family, my partner – he along with all the women and men in my family gave efforts to various initiatives regardless of not knowing or not having capital or knowledge. They just did it! Continue reading “SNEAK PEEK! Growing A Business – Starting with Motivational Merchandise”

Entrepreneur To-Do List

Happy Monday! 🤗My entrepreneur to-do list 📝keeps growing! For the good.

1. 🤩Completing my business plan, which I didn’t plan on doing until I had some good minds set me straight and I began to realize my potential and that ultimately I needed one.

2. 🌸My first video script was done for my recent video post “All About Britt”, which is in my bio. Normally I do this on the fly but since I have help it really makes it easier to make better structure and organize.

3. 📑Yes those lease agreements. Reading through everything with a fine tooth comb and just ensuring I have the correct agreement for my county since this effort of work has changed hands under a new agent.

4. 🛠I had a lot of things happen good and bad. But then it all worked out. So I have to check for the final time, a walk through with the project manager for the entire painting, new toilet installation that was done. Can’t wait to take a video!!!

5. 👌🏾Sit back and let the exciting changes happen. Can’t say it any better! I hope everyone has a good day!😜

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Open Wood to a Transformed Design Space: My Office WorkSpace

I had one day to take a less than interesting space and transformed into a lively occupying workspace. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had any other time to. The constant back and forth between stores and home was endless.

I actually narrowed my shop to just a few store as I didn’t have time to order let alone think about the design of the space but it came together.

I stopped at Home Goods and much to my surprise I found a few items I liked since it’s usually a hit or miss. Continue reading “Open Wood to a Transformed Design Space: My Office WorkSpace”

Fragility & Thrown Into the Fire: Choosing to Take 1 Step at a Time

It’s a pink & blue day and this is one of my most casual and comfy outfits yet by Ann Taylor Loft. I took this pose because even though I am a little stressed I have to start with 1 foot forward. We all do, 1 step at a time. Because I can’t control everything. But I can choose my approach to handle situations. Between work, real estate and everything BrittanyKnows weh, I am so happy it is friday!

Life is so funny because if you pay close attention you really begin to learn and become exposed to all sorts of reality and truth. Continue reading “Fragility & Thrown Into the Fire: Choosing to Take 1 Step at a Time”

Starting A Business: Creating a To-Do List Each Day

Starting a business. You’re not running around as if the sky is falling because I’m sure like others you also have a full-time job.

Well, I have to juggle that- meaning I’m juggling the rental property – boy only knows how it’ll be when I add more, and social media.

Social Media takes a lot of time, it is one of the reasons why I was hesitant to launch my website. Let alone launching myself as a more active presence across social vehicles. Continue reading “Starting A Business: Creating a To-Do List Each Day”

Reading Daily For Fuel: Never Split the Difference -Negotiation & Getting There – A Book of Mentors On Audio & Fashion Dictionary

Never did I thought I would become the few people I follow reading more than one book at a time with the actual intent to finish.

Well, here I am – I am that person. Because I need it. Not because I’m forced to and I guess I don’t have to either but I want to in order to drive my creativity and knowledge and help build my overall strategy.

You don’t have to have a business to be a strategist. It should be a given – it should be something you do no matter what. At least that is the notion I have always followed since I was in high school. Continue reading “Reading Daily For Fuel: Never Split the Difference -Negotiation & Getting There – A Book of Mentors On Audio & Fashion Dictionary”

From Pokemon to InstaStyle: Reading My Way to Building a Following for BrittanyKnows

Reading a book with a pokemon shirt

I like to laugh a lot! I was even goofier in high school and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I only say that to say – starting I have to find and receive that humor, it keeps me going really!

But even more so, I never realized how much time I had lost with really staying on the relevant side. Continue reading “From Pokemon to InstaStyle: Reading My Way to Building a Following for BrittanyKnows”

Starting Brittany Knows: Brittany Knows Update – And God Said Let there be Light

Talking about recent changes and updates I have gone through to refine and building out the brittanyknows brand by buying new equipment.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more info on travel, business, real estate and more.

Idea Creation: A Look at My Brainstorming Room

My mom, who’s been helping me get things off the ground along with my companion, knows how much I enjoy having a think tank space.

I’ve enjoyed brainstorming with people to come up with ideas at the many places I have worked. And for my new interest it should be no different. Welcome to my small work space where I really spend the quiet time needed to come up with ideas on my videos. It’s not much, but for me I’m sure like all small risk takers – a small office can pack a lot of punch and I’m ready to let my exploring mind lead the way in new ideas.

From a tripod, terrible lighting which I am working on to improve, computer and tons of scribbled paper notes, it’s all here. Only thing I am missing is a sign that ays BrittanyKnows so that it is etched and sketched in my brain he minute I walk in to the think tank space.

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