Self-Building: Nurturing and Pruning Yourself

🚗 Ever drive past a place and spot a neat photo op location 🎯 that teaches you about self nurturing?

🙋🏾‍♀️Well I did and it was nearby my home. Such a bright orangy flower bed arranged so neatly, which you could imagine takes time to create and maintain just like you and me.

I’m not perfect all the time but the more I work on nurturing and ridding the things that would only stunt my growth I blossom into my true intended self😁😁🤗.

I nurture by learning and reading. This year alone is the most I have read books besides reading news articles from different outlets.

In an older post I mentioned my reading vice is motivation and inspirational stories. All different but feeds my mental.

Without that I couldn’t constantly adapt in the workplace and outside of it.

Next, reducing negative thoughts. This is a tough one because I know it’s so easy to harp on things when they have really struck an irritable chord. So I’m always reverting back to just think or visualize BrittanyKnows and it helps me restart my mood.

Lastly, being more greatful. I am soooo greatful I have a home that has really been the glue or major factor to spark all the creativity that I once lacked and desired for in order to make a move into entrepreneurship. And I’m also greatful for those who share bits of advice or nothingness information that turns into helpful actionable advice later.

How about you? Comment below👇🏾

Remember, B. Styled 😋

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Check the Stats: My Pre Work Morning Routine

👀My pre-work Morning Routine:

👩🏾‍🏫1. Checking the stats so I know whether to pivot or remain steady!

But isn’t that the 🔑 to life? Comment if you agree.

Knowing when to jump ship 🚢 if it’s not right for you or remain anchored if it is, although knowing when to stay can at times be the hardest thing to identify.

Well that is what I have to determine on an hourly 🌗and daily basis.

But it’s how you learn and grow! That’s why it is important to observe. The better you become at observing and understanding the easier it is to make the next best decision🤗

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Entrepreneur To-Do List

Happy Monday! 🤗My entrepreneur to-do list 📝keeps growing! For the good.

1. 🤩Completing my business plan, which I didn’t plan on doing until I had some good minds set me straight and I began to realize my potential and that ultimately I needed one.

2. 🌸My first video script was done for my recent video post “All About Britt”, which is in my bio. Normally I do this on the fly but since I have help it really makes it easier to make better structure and organize.

3. 📑Yes those lease agreements. Reading through everything with a fine tooth comb and just ensuring I have the correct agreement for my county since this effort of work has changed hands under a new agent.

4. 🛠I had a lot of things happen good and bad. But then it all worked out. So I have to check for the final time, a walk through with the project manager for the entire painting, new toilet installation that was done. Can’t wait to take a video!!!

5. 👌🏾Sit back and let the exciting changes happen. Can’t say it any better! I hope everyone has a good day!😜

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Following Your Passion to Grow: When to Receive Feedback

Hey Guys, it comes a time where you go after what you want and you’re swimming fast and must seek feedback to stay on course with your goal so you don’t stray.

For my existing followers and new visitors I am in the process of making enhancements to my website and would love to hear from you!

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Open Wood to a Transformed Design Space: My Office WorkSpace

I had one day to take a less than interesting space and transformed into a lively occupying workspace. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had any other time to. The constant back and forth between stores and home was endless.

I actually narrowed my shop to just a few store as I didn’t have time to order let alone think about the design of the space but it came together.

I stopped at Home Goods and much to my surprise I found a few items I liked since it’s usually a hit or miss. Continue reading “Open Wood to a Transformed Design Space: My Office WorkSpace”

All Tech’d Up to Keep Moving Forward

I have kind of been waiting for this moment for awhile.

I told my mom listen if I want to make any footing with what I am doing I need to first get a better phone that take better pictures and videos.

I also need to get a computer because my current one was running at capacity.

It was the scariest and happiest moments because it meant I was investing a ton in myself. While some people still occasionally ask what am I looking to do which gets annoying after awhile. I have to think to myself that only me matters and my beliefs and if I have a goal I just need to stick with it and keep moving forward.

Kind of reminds me of a kid movie I saw and I absolutely loved it and meant to buy on DVD, but now that I have remembered I will need to do that :-). Meet the Robinsons.

Resonated so much with me at that time and still does subconsciously. Stealing a great quote from the movie: “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” A life lesson from the Disney film: Meet the Robinsons.

That is all any of us could ever do. So I kept on moving forward and purchased an iMac and iPhone – and things can only go up from here!

This is why I try to document my journey because not everyone will let you in and some times it’s just helpful to know others journey to better craft your own.

Reading Daily For Fuel: Never Split the Difference -Negotiation & Getting There – A Book of Mentors On Audio & Fashion Dictionary

Never did I thought I would become the few people I follow reading more than one book at a time with the actual intent to finish.

Well, here I am – I am that person. Because I need it. Not because I’m forced to and I guess I don’t have to either but I want to in order to drive my creativity and knowledge and help build my overall strategy.

You don’t have to have a business to be a strategist. It should be a given – it should be something you do no matter what. At least that is the notion I have always followed since I was in high school. Continue reading “Reading Daily For Fuel: Never Split the Difference -Negotiation & Getting There – A Book of Mentors On Audio & Fashion Dictionary”

Starting Brittany Knows: Brittany Knows Update – And God Said Let there be Light

Talking about recent changes and updates I have gone through to refine and building out the brittanyknows brand by buying new equipment.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more info on travel, business, real estate and more.

Quitting My Job? Why I Started BrittanyKnows

I had some people ask me why I started BrittanyKnows? What’s its purpose? Is this your full-time job? Continue reading “Quitting My Job? Why I Started BrittanyKnows”

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