Lights, Camera, Action Isn’t Only For Actors: Career Tip

💡 📷 📖 …Lights, Camera, Study. 🙃yeah I know, silly, but hear my reason:

Because your 9 to 5 is just that…Being ready for any moment and ready to learn in order to advise and guide others!

Think about it. We get up, attempt to look our best, because some days we really have to try when there’s so much going on outside of work. And the moment we walk through the door we put on our office happy face. Although some people as they get older really don’t care, lol. And hey I guess I would agree with that.

But really you are putting on a face for the camera, an audience of executives, an audience of individuals you are competing against, and you have to work with in teams.

No one is exactly the same person they show at work and outside of work.

And then the kicker for Study, you have to be ready for an on the spot question or moment to answer and provide a solution either on a 1:1 or a conversation taking place in front of a bigger audience.

When I say study you are literally needing to observe and be aware of behaviors, wants and the request of many to be able to respond with the appropriate answer.

So take that food for thought. Come on guys. Two words of that motto is shared by #extratv ha. Remember, B. Styled 😋

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Idea Creation: A Look at My Brainstorming Room

My mom, who’s been helping me get things off the ground along with my companion, knows how much I enjoy having a think tank space.

I’ve enjoyed brainstorming with people to come up with ideas at the many places I have worked. And for my new interest it should be no different. Welcome to my small work space where I really spend the quiet time needed to come up with ideas on my videos. It’s not much, but for me I’m sure like all small risk takers – a small office can pack a lot of punch and I’m ready to let my exploring mind lead the way in new ideas.

From a tripod, terrible lighting which I am working on to improve, computer and tons of scribbled paper notes, it’s all here. Only thing I am missing is a sign that ays BrittanyKnows so that it is etched and sketched in my brain he minute I walk in to the think tank space.

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